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Custom gameplay settings (with detailed descriptions). Enable hidden options. Fixes for several aspects of the game. Make gameplay simpler/harder at your choice.

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Mass Effect trilogy is build on Unreal Engine 3 which base settings can be tweaked by editing game configuration files - .ini-s.

Coalesced. ini - main configuration file, where all game settings are stored. It is combined file of several ini-s.
Location: Mass Effect 2\BioGame\Config\PC\Cooked\...
Configs for all types of gameplay settings are stored here;

Main goal of this tweaks for gameplay:
- Change in-game settings as you want;
- Fixes for several aspects of the game;
- Enable hidden options;
- Make gameplay  simpler/harder as you want;

^ Game system settings: ^
+++ Logo movies disabled + shorter end credits;
When you pass ME2 for 2-nd, 3-d time and more - intro videos starts to be annoying a bit;

+++ Fix for mouse acceleration;
Now controlling mouse become much easier;

+++ Added custom controls options: Pause, Player camera view control, Teleport, Hide HUD, Fly camera, Take screenshots, Show FPS:

- Pause [<F1> press on/off]; - allows you to pause game in: conversations, exploration and combat modes;
- Player camera [<F3>] - 1st person, [<F2>] - 3-rd person+, [<F4>] - default view; - This buttons are set camera view distance;
- Teleport [<F6>] - Player can be teleported into flat surface in combat and exploration modes;
- Hide Scaleform [<F7> press on/off] - (HUD & Subtitles & Messages & Hints & Interface panels) - interactive objects display on screen in and out of combat mode;
- Hide HUD [<F8> press on/off]; - Hides HUD - interactive objects display on screen in and out of combat mode; In combat mode hides all elements except quick access bar; In exploration mode hides all elements except subtitles);
Press [<F8>]  or [<F7>] + [<F11>]  to take screenshot without interactive objects display;
- Fly camera [<F10> press on/off]; - allows you to fly across the level map and take beautiful screenshots;
- Take screenshot - [<F11>];
Screenshots will be stored in: 'C:\Users\<USER_NAME>\Documents\BioWare\Mass Effect 2\BIOGame\ScreenShots\...';
- Show FPS [<F12> press on/off]; - show fps counter;

+++ Crouching down enabled  - Shepard now can crouch down. And shoot while crouched. [<C>] hold to crouch;

+++ Levitation enabled - [<Z> hold for levitate];
Shepard now can levitate [when holding button] -  by using 30-45 degrees ground flat surface as launchpad;
Note: this is Unreal engine 3 default console option that allows limited player-fly ability with locked camera - use with caution! - don`t fly over map;

+++ Ghost mode enabled - [<X> hold for walk through walls];
Shepard now can float in any direction, even through walls [when holding button] -  you can walk through all surfaces - all obstructions will be removed;
Note: this is Unreal engine 3 default console option that allows limited player-fly ability with locked camera - use with caution! - don`t fly over map;

+++ Game speed acceleration option - [<MiddleMouseButton> press for 5x game speed increase];
Very handy for travel fast across the map + it also works in cutscenes;

+++ Armor locker menu
Opens armor locker menu in any location anytime.  [<Home> press to show menu];
Armor selection menu is appears as overlay over game menu (menu needs to be opened to put game on pause and interact with armor selection screen) - see screenshot;

^ Main game settings: ^   
+++ Armor locker settings:
- Shepard`s blue casual outfit from ME1 unlocked;
- Increased angle of Shepard`s model rotation while mouse holding (180°);

+++ Conversation:
- Dialogue wheel appeares immediately: helps prevent choosing unwanted answers when skipping dialogue;
- Dialogue wheel appear as soon as an NPC's last line of dialog starts;
- Paragon/Renegade dialogues interrupts duration;
- [<SpaceBar>] now prevents accidentally choosing responses while skipping conversations;

+++ Notifications and hints:
- Disabled hints after Tutorial level (Lazarus station), except in Casual difficulty;
- Reduced time between hint messages display;
- Reduced the amount of time the notification boxes display;
- Reduced volume of notifications sound;
- Reduced time between pop-up info messages display (money, upgrades, etc);

+++ Player`s HUD: (head-up display) 
- Increased radar mini map (with quest marker) display time to 7 seconds (when you hold map button);
- Increased radar mini map scan radius;
- Reduced time between pop-up info messages display (money, upgrades, etc);
- Increased combat menu/power wheel show/hide speed;
- Increased health and shields regeneration speed out of combat and when combat ends;
- Reduced time of full recharged shield`s bar dissapeares from the screen out of combat and when combat ends;

^ Player properties: ^
+++ Stamina & physical damage
- Increased damage you deal in melee combat;
- Increased: Combat stamina duration /Non-combat stamina duration; Combat stamina regen speed /Non-combat stamina regen speed;
Shepard now can run(storm) much longer;
- Leaning to cover disabled when you storming/sprinting close to objects;

+++ Health
- Increased Shepard`s health (in amount of ~ 40% per each difficulty mode); 
{cover-base shooter game mechanic is ok, but ME1 veteran that cannot endure 5 - 10 pistol shots in full-body composite polymeric material armor with shields - is pathetic!};
- Red "veins" on the screen display (when your health is low) - reduced from ~10% to 5% warning; {this effect is creepy};

+++ Medkits: increased medigel capacity to 10 (without upgrades);

+++ Shields
- Increased Shepard`s shields capacity (in amount of ~ 60%); 
{^ Same point with shields};
- Enemy shields now rechargeable during combat + increased base shield capacity (in amount of ~ 10%);
{In ME1 enemy`s shields were  rechargeable - why this mechanic was removed in ME2?};
Lets make things right - enemy`s shields have ShieldRegenDelay = 4 sec; ShieldRechargeTime = 4 sec;
- Biotic & tech powers now can ignore shields;
{Lifting YMIRs in the air by biotic - is a lot of fun!};

^ Galactic exploration: ^
+++ Normandy fuel and probes
- Probes capacity increased to [50], (with Thane`s upgrade = [100]);
- Fuel capacity increased to [2000], (with Samara`s upgrade = [3000]);
- Fuel  consumption modifier decreased for: 1.0 = 1 point /second;

+++ Normandy speed 
Speed on the galaxy map increased on 25%;

+++ Collect less resources from planets
Details in Readme;
{If you mine only rich planets you would still have plenty of minerals. There's too much of them to encourage scanning more planets};
So goal of decreasing planets  resources capacity threshold is to keep galaxy exploration attitude;

+++ Planet scanning speed
{When you scan the planets probe scanner is a bit sloooow - with Miranda`s upgrade scanning process became faster but still not quite enough};
- Increased ScanReticleMoveSpeed & ScanPlanetRotationSpeed (up to ~ 40%);

+++ Make the Hammerhead fly - It actually fly! - able to very high jumps;

^ ME1 import bonuses: ^
Credits: Level [1-49] from [20000] to [75000]; Level [50-59] from [30000] to [150000]; Level [1-49] from [50000] to [200000];
Resources: Level [1-49] from [2500] to [25000]; Level [50-59] from [5000] to [50000]; Level [1-49] from [10000] to [75000];
Paragon/Renegade points: from [190] to [400];
- Want to scan planets - decrease import bonuses values;
- Tired of planet scanning for hundreds of times - increase import bonuses values;

^ Combat tweaks: ^
- Reduced combat mode duration - how much time pass between combat and exploration modes
(when health and shield bars will be recharged to max values);
- Increased modifier how much health do you restore on squad resurection (to 40%);
- Disabled automatic weapon swapping when out of ammo;
- Increased amount of ammo given per clip pick up (40% of Magsize);

^ Mix settings to edit: ^ (described and not included in mod)
- Usage of global power cooldown (on/off);
- Player and henchman heath regeneration usage and speed;
- XP modifier for 2-nd playthrough;
- Quests XP count;
- Change color and transparency of the subtitles;
- Idle NPC conversations subtitles show and voice distance;
- Change time when codex voice starts to read codex entries;
- Turn tutorials off;
- Change angle of view and distance to selectable/interactable objects/persons;
- Set custom shop discount % (default is 15%);

Detailed descriptions are provided in Readme file;
Buttons can be remapped - see readme;

====================== INSTALLATION - first of all MAKE BKP ======================

Place 'Coalesced. ini'  to Mass Effect 2\BioGame\Config\PC\Cooked\... > override ? > yes.

When you start new game place downloaded file AFTER saving game (game set all options by default after you create new character);

^Optional download:^
Combined file of ME2 Gameplay tweaks and ME2 Weaponry tweaks  - installation instructions see at each mods page;

====================== EDIT ======================
ME2IniFixer  // This program will recode changes you made in Coalesced.ini for game. Without this tool you`ll can`t launch the game properly //;
Place it to: Mass Effect 2\BioGame\Config\PC\Cooked\...
Each time you make changes and save the file - launch ME2IniFixer.
OR Mass Effect 2 Coalesced Editor

Download Notepad++ 6.9.1
DO NOT USE Word, Wordpad or notepad - this will screw up your game.
- go to your ME2 folder and open BioGame\Config\PC\Cooked\Coalesced.ini;
- in there > right-click on Coalesced.ini > open with notepad++;

// How to compare two files in Notepad++ ? //
- in Notepad++ add plugin "Compare" (main pannel > plugins > plugin manager > show plugin manager > find plugin Compare > Install > (if program asks "if you would like to update manager?" - yes, only once). Open two ini-s > main pannel > plugins > Compare > select one of two files > Set a first to compare > switch to second file > plugins > Compare > Compare;
Now you can see differences between two files - they are higlighted;

- after you added changes you can save it and recode file with ME2IniFixer (if you didn`t close notepad++ after applying changes by in infixer and open file again - notepad++ asks that the programm added changes (recoding) - "This file has been modified by another program. Do you want to reload it?" > yes)

====================== NOTES ======================

You always can edit gameplay properties as you want: with this mod file or your default/modded Coalesced.ini;

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