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Change shape and color of the crosshair the way you always wanted! Now with multiples configurable options under one download!

Permissions and credits
Wastelanders compatible!
What you can now do with the newest version:
  • Add a dot, circle and static crosshair
  • Glowing effect radius, strength and color 
  • Change size, length, thickness and radius of dot/circle/crosshair
  • Change on target color and default color to any of the one you want
  • Remove the default dynamic crosshair
  • Toggle inner and outer shadow effect (not adjustable for now)
Available colors:
1.2+ All of them! Edit CustomCrosshair.txt with the color code you want
1.1 Blue, Green, Pink, Red and Yellow (also white in older version)

Version 1.2 still conflic mods who direct edit interface/hudmenu.swf
1.2 Optional centered dot, glow effect and you can now make all color combo
1.2 Compatibility with chatmod incoming
1.1 Added Perk Loadout Manager, Improved Health Bar and Event Notification compatibility
(!)1.1 Must be placed after mod above (!)
1.1 Know to conflic with: Unstretched ultrawide, Chat mod

Special big thanks to @Keretus who made PLM to help improve compatibility with other mods. Could not have made 1.2 new features without him

- Under development by order of priority:
~ More text file options
~ Option of reducing bloom size  (Was only possible with direct edit which break compatibility with other mods)