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Prevents users from accidentally dropping/selling/scrapping their favorited and equipped items, inspired by the now-defunct mod Save My Stuff.
Adds the ability to type quantities and prices into most transfer menus, instead of having to use the slider.

Permissions and credits
Save Everything is a quality-of-life mod that prevents you from accidentally dropping, selling, or scrapping your favorited or equipped items from your inventory. Inspired by the mod Save My Stuff, but is a complete re-write and will be continuously updated as the game receives updates.

As a bonus, I have added the ability to type quantities and prices of items in most container transfer menus. (See screenshots for more details.)

Installation Guide
  1. Extract the "interface" folder into your Fallout 76 Data folder.
  2. Follow Baka File Tool instructions on creating a new archive for your mods.
  1. Extract the SaveEverything.ba2 file to your Fallout 76 Data folder (default: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Fallout76\Data)
  2. Navigate to your Fallout 76 settings folder in "My Games" (default: C:\Users\%USERNAME%\Documents\My Games\Fallout 76)
  3. If this is your first mod, extract the optional "Fallout76Custom.ini" file to the current directory.  Otherwise, append the name of the new archive, "SaveEverything.ba2", to the list, separated by a comma, like so:
sResourceArchive2List = SaveEverything.ba2

Config File Customization
  • Configuration to enable/disable individual features is available through the config file. Download Example Config File under Optional Files and place it in the Data folder to configure individual features. If there is no config file present, the old defaults will be used. Set disableAllRestrictions=true if you only want to use the quantity input functionality of the mod.
  • Ability to define a custom name prefix that makes renamed items matching that prefix unable to be dropped/scrapped/sold. For example, setting restrictName=! in saveeverything.ini will make any item with a name starting with ! unable to be dropped, scrapped, or sold.
  • To restrict multiple prefixes, separate each with a comma.

This mod is fully compatible with Better Inventory.
This mod is not compatible with any other mod that modifies securetrade.swf, pipboymenu.swf, or pipboy_invpage.swf.
Game updates may require an update to the mod for continued functionality.

Additional Notes
  • This mod is a work in progress, and while I will make a reasonable effort to ensure there are no bugs, some users may occasionally run into them.  There are no guarantees regarding stability or crashes.

Future Plans
  • Adding a separate version of "favorites" that allows you to flag important items without having them take up a favorite slot.
  • Have an idea? Feel free to suggest it!