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A new standalone pistol comes to the Wasteland! Featuring FULL modification of Barrel Length, Grips and Receivers. Capable of Semi and Full Auto fire.

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This mod owes it's existence to a talented member of our own community who I think deserves our unabashed appreciation. 3D modeling student and Nexus member moniterman contacted me and without a second thought allowed me access to his stunning Beretta M9 model and textures. He then even allowed me to butcher his beautiful creation for this mod, the result of which you see here!

Before you get on to downloading this, please head on over to moniterman's profile and give some Kudos or send a message to show your gratitude. I for one am seriously impressed with his model and I know you will all be too. It's members like him that really make the Nexus community and modding in general a great place.

Even as I type this he is busy working away on his next stellar model, again something I think you will love.
Thankyou moniterman!







The board was tasked with finding a replacement for the common 10mm service personal sidearm. It's heavy weight, unwieldy characteristics and unusual ammunition are all points to be addressed. We have found that after careful consideration the M9 surpasses the 10mm in all respects.

Based on the design developed in the MPPK project (Codename: Deliverer) the M9 retains powerful semi- and fully-automatic modes whilst being 38% lighter with 45% fewer jams and stoppages. With it's advanced receiver materials the pistol can utilise the more common .38 round whilst achieving ballistic results analogous to the 10mm. Finally the frame is highly modular, allowing a variety of barrel, grip and muzzle configurations.

In conclusion, the board recommends the full adoption of the Model 9 pistol.


For my third mod, I thought I would try something a little different. The M9 is again a culmination of everything learned so far from both the R91 and AK2047. This should be the most proficient of these mods yet.
As stated above the model and textures were provided my moniterman, for which I am eternally grateful. From there I adapted the models and tweaked features for the gun. The custom model and textures are accompanied by fully functional animations. The M9 features a host of modifications; grips, mags, silencer and 3 barrel types. There is a variety of receivers in both semi and full auto. More mods will be on the way soon.
Currently the gun cannot be found in the Wasteland, it must be spawned via the console. This too will be added soon. There is a small issue with the models whilst in the workbench; they will appear to be missing triangles, however once out of the workbench this is fixed. I am working on solving this now.


I recommend installing with NMM, although manual installation is possible by placing the folders into \Data along with the .esp. Please ensure you have made the correct .INI edits.

Can be spawned in with the console by finding the Item ID [help m9 4] and then [player.additem {Item ID}]



This mod would not be possible without the skills and talents of moniterman
undyne777 for tireless help and advice.

beaverdog for consistent enthusiastic assistance.
Nifskope Alpha, a brilliant tool
The indispensable FO4edit
ousnius for the Material Editor
The highly useful 3DSMax .nif exporters
and of course Bethesda, (feeding the desperation for new handguns)
(Plus the brilliant game!)