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This mod adds new grips to the M9 Standalone Pistol by ff7cloudstrife and moniterman. The Premium Wood is inspired by the 92FS Centennial, while the M9 Classic is the classic Beretta black grip. Now with New Vegas Rattlesnake Grip.

Permissions and credits
This mod adds (or replaces in v1.0) new grips to the M9 Standalone Pistol by ff7cloudstrife and moniterman. The 'Premium Wood' is inspired by the 92FS Centennial, while the 'M9 Classic' is the classic Beretta black grip. Version 1.1 comes with a new Rattlesnake Skin grip inspired by Fallout New Vegas. I've used Junnari's retexture as a base, so it's recommended to install it first, but it can be used with the original textures too.

For the standalone version (v1.1)
Craft them as usual in the grips section of the M9 Pistol in the weapons workbench.

For the replacer version (v1.0)
The 'Premium Wood' grip can replace either the default standard grip or the patinated grip. But if replacing the standard grip it will change the metal texture to Junnari's retexture (with a few minor tweaks like mipmaps and red safety warning dot).
The 'M9 Classic' replaces the polymer grip.

The M9 Standalone Pistol, by FF7CloudStrife and Moniterman
M9 Pistol Reskin by Junnari

Install the original mod first, then Junnari's retexture (optional), then this mod. Activate in NMM, or extract to Data folder.
If upgrading from version 1.0 to version 1.1, uninstall the previous version first.
The esp needs to be loaded after the original M9 esp, or the game will crash.

v1.1 Added stadalone version, including the previous two and a new rattlesnake skin grip
v1.0 Initial release

Feel free to give suggestions, requests, etc
Screenshots are also welcome :)

moniterman for the original model and textures
ff7cloudstrife for the M9 Standalone mod
Junnari for the retexture used as a base
ousnius for the Material Editor
The Nifskope team

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