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Add some gameplay mechanics to bring the choice of lethal or non lethal solutions.

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I don't know if I am alone thinking this, but I feel less and less comfortable with games that banalized violence and don't let the choice of peaceful choices, especially nowadays with photorealistic games. I know that this violence it's part of our human nature, and part of me like it, I accept that, but if we have to show it I am more of a partisan of depicting violence like it really is. Grimmy, unforgiving, messy, disturbing, leaving suffering, widows and orphans on its path (that's why I love old Fallout games). So, before I make, a realistic agonizing painfull death mod, or something in that mood (just joking), here you have a pacific resolution mod. Hope you like it.

  • M9 Tranquilizer
  • (optional module requires the materials, meshes and textures of The M9 Standalone Pistol by FF7CloudStrife and Moniterman to work -no esp needed. Nothing required for the main file.)
  • One dart to the head instanly knocks.
  • To the chest, 8 seconds to knock.
  • To the limbs 14 seconds.
  • (don't work with robots, and specific body parts equipped with armored protection)
  • Tranquilizer effect is stackable. Shoot again to speed up the knock down.
  • There is two receivers : default non-lethal and lethal (targets will die of overdose).
  • M9 INSTRUCTIONS: To get the M9 Tranquilizer craft it at a cooking station. You can craft tranquilizer darts as well.

  • Blunt weapons KO
  • One hit to the head can knock down. A powerful attack to the chest can disarm.

  • Incapacitating grenades
  • Sleeping gas grenade CAUTION : Do not use without wearing a gas mask. 10 minutes sleeping dose.
  • Flashbang : Targets get stuned during 7 seconds.
  • Mustard gas grenade WARNING : Do not use without wearing a gas mask. Death risk.
  • INCAPACITATING GRENADES INSTRUCTIONS: You can craft them in chemistry workbenches.

  • Hint: To loot click tab (to cancel current order), and talk to the uncounscious targets to display their inventory.
  • KO duration : 10 minutes.

⚠ Know issues :
Sometimes animations can be buggy.
When a target fall unconscious the hold up sounds are triggered (I plan to remove it, but don't promise anything).

Bethesda.net version :

Planning features or wishes:
• Make a disguise system. For example if you wear raiders clothes you'll be shot by raiders rival factions (even if they were your allies before except companions). Your cover can be blown if you walk too close or if you don't wear a headgear that hides your face (the distance can depends on a perk with 3 levels tied with charisma).
• Restrain enemies (or animals) and send them to a prison in your camp, to eventually convice (or tame) them to join you as settlers (idea by And4077 and Kojima).
• Knock down enemies by crippling their heads with the grip of your weapon (secondary attack).
• Add a red laser to M9.
• Turn off the hold up speech when targets fall unconscious.
• x4 xp bonus when knocking down enemies, and no xp when killing KO enemies (help needed with scripting. If you are interested in this project and you are willing to help, please tell me).

Special thanks :
To FF7CloudStrife and Moniterman to give me the permission to use their M9.

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