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Adds various prompts to conveniently interact with items, objects and NPCs: Trade, equip, consume and more! Utilizes Dynamic Activation Key.

Permissions and credits
  • Various prompts to conveniently interact with items and NPCs
    • Take notes
    • Take All from unlocked containers and dead NPCs
    • Lock and unlock owned containers and doors in settlements
    • Unlock doors and terminal without having to enter them
    • Trade with merchants and settlers
    • Open Inventory of companions and settlers
    • Pet dogs, including dogmeat
    • Tip over brahmins like in previous titles
    • Equip armors, clothing and weapons
    • Equip items from unlocked containers and dead NPCs
    • Consume food, drinks, chems and flora
  • Use the hotkey from Dynamic Activation Key to toggle between prompts, some of them have a "(+)" indicator
  • All prompts can be toggled in the MCM
  • Translatable MCM and prompts


  • NPC prompts have a distance limit of about 180 game units on companions, so you have to get close to them
  • The trade prompt may appear for longer than expected if you assign a settler to another task - Vanilla issue
  • Taking all items may cause the game to freeze - Apparently, same issue in Skyrim, but has been fixed there: RemoveAllItems Freeze Fix
  • Some consume prompts may not appear correctly because of incorrect keywords - Use the Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch and Community Fixes Merged

Incompatible Mods
The following mods are, among others, partially compatible or outright redundant.
It is therefore recommended to uninstall those mods or toggle the appropriate prompt in the MCM.