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Grab and Eat is old and has multiple bugs, this new version works every time(in my multiple years of testing) and in virtually all scenarios.
Literally Grab and Eat food, drink drinks, equip weapons in midair, equip armor, use chems etc

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The original Grab and Eat mod has been pretty essential to my game for almost 7 years now, as I always hated going into menus(Pipboy) to use the things I just picked up. Sadly the mod would sometimes lose my items, and there was an occasional crash/ freeze issue that was really untenable.

So I remade the mod for my own use, but I have never considered it releasable due to the inability to just play Holotapes from inside containers, I had to predefine the holotapes and their scenes(terrible really), so it would've required DLC's and patches for other mods.
With GELUXRUM's new F4SE plugin, Lighthouse, I can finally make this a reality with NO DLC or patches necessary.

Base game, F4SE, Lighthouse, and all of Lighthouse' dependencies, MCM for MCM setting use

Just install and go.

When you hover your cursor over any equippable item you should see a new interaction button show up to let you Eat it, Equip it, Use it, etc

Items inside containers can ALSO be used in such a way by holding SHIFT(or a button you assign via MCM) when you take it out of the container.
Also works in transfer mode, but only one item of each type until you close the container menu, so the loot menu is best.

1.02 Update:
Merchant functionality added in. If they can see you and you attempt to take something they own via Equip, Use, Drink, etc it will check if you have enough caps to purchase it. This amount should be accurate to the basegame calculation from your Charisma.
-If you do have enough caps, it will add them directly to the merchant's inventory while you take the item.
-If you DON'T have enough caps, you'll be stealing it and thus they'll catch you.
-If you actually want to steal it, just take the item with you by dragging it and get your character out of their line of sight, you'll steal it as normal.
-If you are stealing the item and the merchant can't see you, but another npc can see you, you'll still be caught stealing, so be careful.

The item value is not currently shown but I believe there are mods that show the value of items you're looking at, and I would recommend using one of those. If enough people like the feature I might expand it a bit to open a messagebox asking if you really want to buy it, and use that to show the price.

If an update is released, the mod should update automatically, just wait for the notification before attempting interaction.


Immersive Animation Framework - FULLY COMPATIBLE

mods that add extra interactivity to the same types of items via a perk:
Grab and Eat All-in-One
Eating Off the Floor
Consume Without Pickup
Take and Equip or Use
Alternative Activation Prompts

Please report any bugs or inconsistencies.


Add a prompt to show the Shift button can be held to utilize items in containers, when you're hovering over those usable items.

wyz123 for the initial mod, GELUXRUM for the holotape playing function(for use from inside containers), Wanaming0 for the suggestion to add purchasing from merchants without opening a trade dialogue.