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Allows you to rebuild Sunshine Tidings Cabins and other buildings one at a time. Previsibine and PRP patches available.

Permissions and credits
If you install this in an existing save, follow these instructions:

  1. Go into an interior cell (an interior cell is any location where you go through a door and there is a load screen, i.e. Sanctuary root cellar).
  2. Save and exit the game completely.
  3. Install this mod, if it's not already.
  4. Load your save and leave the interior cell.

The script for the repair function loads when the cell loads, so if the cells are already loaded it will not run.


  • All Plugins are ESPs flagged as ESL: So none of them will take up a spot in your load order.
  • Repairing Structures is Immersive: In workshop mode, highlight the plywood door and hit Enter to repair it. Thanks to Glitchfinder for the script.
  • Ugly Landscape Stuff: Can be scrapped.
  • Navmesh: No updates needed as everything is in the same spot as before so existing navmesh can be used. I forgot about the boarded up cabin with the missing back wall. v1.0.1 fixes the navmesh for this cabin so that it updates after repairing.
  • Optional Patch that regenerates previsibines: For use without PRP.
  • Patched for use with PRP: There are optional patches for PRP 0.65.x & 0.69.x. The main mod does break precombines, so I highly recommend using with Previsibines Repair Pack (PRP) Stable Branch

NOTE: I meant to add snap points to the cabin for a door but completely forgot. I will add them tomorrow. They will be in the Shared Resources mod so keep an eye for an update. v1.0.4 of the Shared Resources mod has been uploaded and has snap points for doors on the cabins.

Huge thanks to the following mod authors:
VIitS - Repaired Red Rocket mesh.
robboten - Some roof and a prefab house meshes from Snappy HouseKit.
g2mXagent - For the Oberland Station switching station mesh and Sunshine Tidings Cabin pieces from G2M - Workshop.
Glitchfinder - The scripts for repairing structures and Jamaica Plain Pathfinding Fix.
VilanceD - Sanctuary Navmesh Update
Ethreon - Alternate Switching Station mesh from Vanilla Extensions.