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Allows you to rebuild all the boarded-up houses in Jamaica Plain. Build area includes the entire town. Previsibine and PRP patches available.

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If you have already been to Jamaica Plain, follow these instructions:
  1. Go into an interior cell (an interior cell is any location where you go through a door and there is a load screen, i.e. Sanctuary root cellar).
  2. Save and exit the game completely.
  3. Install this mod, if it's not already.
  4. Load your save and leave the interior cell.

The script for the repair function loads when the cell loads, so if the cells are already loaded it will not run.


  • All Plugins are ESPs flagged as ESL: So none of them will take up a spot in your load order.
  • Expanded Border: Allows you to repair/scrap the entire town.
  • Repairing Structures is Immersive: In workshop mode, highlight the plywood over the doors on boarded up structures, or the plywood door next to open structures, and hit Enter to repair. The Diner, use the sign and for City Hall, use the mannequin. Thanks to Glitchfinder for the script.
  • Street Lights: Self powered so you don't have to wire them.
  • Diner: Has a button inside so you can open and close the shutters. Please note that as much as I tried, I could not get the collision to work. It was either always on or always off regardless of whether the shutters were up or down, so I left the collision off. I'll keep trying to get it to work but for now there is no collision on the shutters that open and close.
  • Ugly Landscape Stuff: Some of the stuff is removed as you repair structures. Everything else can be scrapped.
  • Navmesh: Updates as you scrap and repair. I started with Jamaica Plain Pathfinding Fix and added navcuts, precuts, etc to make it work with this mod as repairs are made. You can remove Jamaica Plain Pathfinding Fix as it would conflict with this mod.
  • Scrappable Stuff: Pretty much everything.
  • Trash Pickup: Trash and debris are removed as you rebuild. 
  • Follower Comments: As you rebuild, follower comments will change from messy to clean, creepy to safe, etc.
  • Optional Patch that regenerates previsibines: For use without PRP.
  • Patched for use with PRP: There are optional patches for PRP 0.65.x & 0.69.x. The main mod does break precombines, so I highly recommend using with Previsibines Repair Pack (PRP) Stable Branch


  • Church and House next door: Do Not repair the church or the house next to it before gaining access to remove the chain.
  • Church: I really tried to create a new mesh to repair the roof, but had no luck getting it to look right, so I just threw some shack plywood floors on it. Hopefully it looks ok.
  • Loot: Be sure to scrap and loot open structures before repairing. I've set it up so some of the corpses are removed as you repair.
  • Diner Repair Cost: The diner includes a level 4 bar, so the price and requirements to repair it are equivalent to building one from the workshop, plus a bit more. If you don't want to spend that much, just use tgm.
  • Diner Booths: I used No Diner Bench Upholstery Rips in the screenshots.


Huge thanks to: