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You have a limited time to raid the Commonwealth and return to a safe space. Missing the timer or death in raid looses the player inventory/loadout. KILL | LOOT | RETURN before the raid timer runs out.

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You have a limited time to raid the Commonwealth and return to a safe space. Missing the timer or death in raid looses the player inventory/loadout.

KILL | LOOT | RETURN before the raid timer runs out.

SKKTarkov brings high risk anxiety inducing gameplay to the cheat and desync free Fallout 4 Commonwealth open world. It does not add any MW weapons, tacticool gear or new healing systems. 


This has to assume you have some basic knowledge of the Escape from Tarkov gameplay. It cant possiby teach a n00b timmy the whole new game and then describe which parts it emulates, so if your first question is "whats a raid" then best watch some Tarkov gameplay youtubes: Pestily and Veritas are gud. Or this quick summary:

Install this mod at any time in any game to receive an [ .SKKTarkov Settings ] holotape anytime after Vault exit. Nothing else happens. All settings are described in the console configuration section, this is what default settings will do when activated:


When [ Start SKK Tarkov ] is selected in the holotape, the player will be transported to either the Diamond City or Goodneighbor safe zone.

There are two types of raid, a PMC (your Player loadout) or SCAV (random loadout) raid. 

(1) When the player exits the Diamond City/Goodneighbor safe zones they are automatically transported to one of 200 random external locations to start a PMC Raid.

(2) Or a raid can be started from anywhere using the holotape [ Start PMC Raid ] or [Start SCAV Raid ] options. 

Now, just get back to either the Diamond City (DC) or Goodneighbor (GN) safe zones with your loot before the raid timer runs out. 

To check raid time to go either:

  • Favorite the automatic regenerating AID item [ .SKKTarkov Raid Time ] replace losses at the chemlab.
  • Use the holotape.
  • Hotkeys.ini [ cqf SKK_TarkovQuest "SKK_TarkovQuestScript.ShowRaidMinutesToGo" ]

For this initial release what you actually do in the Commonwealth on a raid is totally up to you and your load order. Shootn' and lootn' is a good start. This solution does not add any quests, actors or gear just a time limit and death management. 

If the player dies during a raid OR the game is saved/loaded during a raid OR they are not back in a safe zone when the raid timer expires, they are "killed".  All inventory is cleared and they are returned to a safe zone with optional healing, a standard Pipboy and ScavKnife, like in real Tarkov. if there is anything you dont want to loose, like those custom combat nipple rings or quest objects then FFS DONT TAKE THEM INTO A RAID.

All active map markers are automatically disabled on raid start and enabled on raid end to help avoid cheese regardless of game mode and fast travel configuration. 

SKKTarkov can be enabled and disabled as much as you like using holotape or console at any time during or between active raids if the anxiety is just too hardcore for you.

For quick setup start a new game with [ SKK Fast Start New Game ] add [ SKK Headshot Any Actor ] for Tarkov Head/Eyes, [ SKK Combat Stalkers ] on a fast timer additional threat, [ SKK Random Encounter manager ] for volume action and you have a fresh lootn' and shootn' game gud to deploy in less than 2 minutes with no patching or conflict nonsense. 


If [ Random Spawn ] and [ Connect Stash ] options are enabled a SCAV raid can start, else you will be told no.

All the player equipment is removed to the Tarkov stash, which is why the stash needs to be connected.

All actors marked as player followers are safely stored in a remote cell so you can be a lonely scav.

The player faction is allied with the scavenger faction and neutral to raiders, although as many raiders are configured with "AggroRadius" or "Very Aggressive" they will engage neutrals like you if you get too close. Yes just like Lighthouse Rogue AI (without the 500 meter WTF aimbot).

The player is given a random scav loadout of weapon, armor, aid and misc from user xEditable form and level lists SKK_TarkovScav*.

You are transported to one of 200 random external Commonwealth locations for the raid to start.

To successfully extract a scav needs to increase inventory value by AT LEAST 30% to cover scav tax else they loose the lot.

Regardless of outcome, player is unfriended with raider/scavs and any followers are returned whe a raid stops. Grab your original gear from the SKKTarkov stash.


Read the console configuration section for option details. 

Show Raid Time [go] - if a raid is running.
Start a PMC raid [go] - if conditions allow.
Start a Scav raid [go] - if conditions allow.
Stop a raid [go] - if running.
Autostart [Move to Safe Space* | Start  in raid | Off]
Safe exit starts a raid [On* | Off]
Random spawn [On* | Off]
Player Loadout [Off* | On]
Connect stash [On* | Off]
Add stash items [On* | Off]
Heal after death [On* | Off]
Raid time minimum [10 | 15* | 20] real time minutes
Raid time maximum [30* | 35 | 40] real time minutes
Custom safe space [ Set | Clear]
IsDiamondCitySafe [Yes* | No]
IsGoodneighborSafe [Yes* | No] 
SKKTarkov [ Start | Stop ]


You can bail out of SKKTarkov at any time in or out of a raid by selecting [ Stop SKK Tarkov ] in the holotape. If in a raid everything is cleaned up and reset to normal.


To avoid having to use unsafe workshops for crafting, all of the exterior DC and GN safe zone workbenches can be connected to a shared SKKTarkov Stash container that never resets.

A stash access point can also be constructed in any owned workshop (Furniture/Containers) to get access and transfer stuff if your hanging around workshops when raids are not running.

The stash connection can be enabled/disabled as much as you like whilst SKKTarkov is active, the contents will never be lost/cleared whilst the mod is installed.

Holotape option to add LevelList SKK_TarkovStashItems to the SKKTarkov Stash on each death, sorta like a default scav run loadout so your never stuck with no gear after a bad day.


If Diamond City and Goodneighbor are not enough for you there is a holotape option [ CustomSafeSpace SET ]. If the player current location is in a unique Worldspace OR named interior cell a death recovery marker is dropped at the player. Any active raid is disabled.

There is only one custom safe space, setting a new location will clear/overwrite any old one.

Setting a new custom safe space will connect any unconnected workBENCHes to the SKKTarkovStash if that setting is enabled, then disconnect if disabled or the safe space is cleared/changed.

If the custom safe space workBENCHes are already connected to a local workSHOP, construct an SKKTarkov Stash access under [ Furniture/Containers ]. 

[ CustomSafeSpace CLEAR ] removes a custom safe space without replacement.

If SKK Tarkov hideout is installed as a custom safe space, hideout upgrades are automatically unlocked for successful PMC riad  extracts.

Pro Tip: if there is no workshop and you want to build/craft in your custom safe space deploy a Mobile Workshop and then build workbenches and a stash access object.

Xbox: Read the full description on the mod home page at https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/70245

PC manual installation

Install this mod at any point in any game as it is 100% new scripts but makes ONE static change to your game (see known issues).

Copy SKKTarkov.esp, SKKTarkov – Main.BA2 and SKKTarkov - Textures.BA2 to your ...\Fallout 4\Data directory and add to Plugins.txt, or enable in the Bethesda mod menu, use a mod manger or however you organise.

As this is published after November 2019 it requires Fallout4.exe (or later) or equivalent workarounds.

Known Issues

(1) This will not run and pops a warning if the player is already set ESSENTIAL (unkillable) by another mod like Death Matters, PlayerUndead, that thing where NPCs heal the player, some headshot mods and such. If you enable another mod that does not have essential conflict detection AFTER activating this YOU WILL BREAK YOUR GAME.

(2) Setting the player ESSENTIAL causes stimpaks to also heal rads due to a shortsighted Bethesda configuration. That has been fixed by hacking MGEF RestoreRadsCompanion to exclude the player. If something else overwrites this, no drama Stimpaks will just heal player rads again.

(3) If your having problems OnDeath with the screen locking or player not healing or frozen animations, this uses the proven PlayerUndead method. Read the known issues on that page to see what can cause problems (rather than duplicating 'em all here).

(4)  The real time raid timer does NOT stop for open pipboy, menus, crafting, dialog scenes or savegames BY DESIGN ... it just keeps on ticking. Yes Tarkov is hard, BRUTAL ... 

(5) The default holotape picks offer max 20 to 40 minute raids. If this is not enough, you are unready for a faster paced anxiety inducing Tarkov experience. For accessibility you can equip pink panties (not included) to set the RaidTime globals described in the console configuration section to reduce anxiety and turn this into yet more RPG fluff.

(6) This only works with the standard pipboy which is replaced when the player inventory is cleared on death. Because Xbox.

(7) Sometimes I get head/eyes right off spawn by AI. Yes Tarkov is hard, BRUTAL ... 

(8) If your loadout or 'murshun depends on specific specialist inventory like combat ponytails, nipple rings, holsters 'n shit, that will all be lost on death so add them to SKK_TarkovStashItems list and enable with the global SKK_TarkovAddStashItems.

(9) This removes ALL ITEMS on death. All really does mean EVERYTHING. If you have quest locked items they will be lost so don't use this when you are running item quests.
(10) Workbenches are never connected to the SKKTarkov Stash if already connected to something else like a Workshop, Global Stash or whatever to avoid conflicts. You will need to manually transfer stuff between them.

(11) Some visible map markers are managed by "enable state parent" so can not be disabled, you will just have to control yourself. 

(12) Do not rely on location change autosaves after extracting, they trigger BEFORE the script can stop the raid. Reloading from them will timeout and kill you. Only save AFTER the final extract notification is shown.

(999) Many RPG and PvE players don't actually enjoy dying and loosing stuff, so this may not be for you. No shame, but dont be a malen'kiy suka and cry about it in public. You need to choose between RPG fluff and hardcore Tarkov, you can't have it both ways. 


Use instead of the holotape (or create a MCM JSON config):


set SKK_TarkovAutoStart to 1
;options 0 does nothing | 1 moves player to a safe location | 2 starts a raid when SKKTarkov is enabled.

set SKK_TarkovSafeExitStartsRaid to 1
;value 0|1 exiting DC or GoodN or Custom safe locations automatically starts a raid. 

set SKK_TarkovRandomSpawn to 1
;value 0|1 spawn player at any of 200 random Commonwealth exterior locations at start of raid.

set SKK_TarkovRaidTimeMin to 30
;value 1 to 32768 real minutes (the player can run from the edge to the center of the map in 10 minutes).

set SKK_TarkovRaidTimeMax to 60
;value SKK_TarkovRaidTimeMin value to 32768 real minutes.

set SKK_TarkovHealAfterDeath to 1
;value 0|1 heals limbs, health and rads at zero cost.

set SKK_TarkovAddPlayerLoadout to 0
;value 0|1 edit LevelList SKK_TarkovPlayerLoadout (default blank) added once to player when SKKTarkov starts.

set SKK_TarkovAddStashItems to 1
;options 0|1 edit LevelList SKK_TarkovStashItems (default 10mm pistol) added to the stash after each death if there are no weapons left.

cqf SKK_TarkovQuest "SKK_TarkovQuestScript.SwitchConnectStash" 1
;Value 0 disconnect | 1 connect all base game safe space workBENCHes to a central stash container.  To connect custom safe space workBENCHes the player must be in that space so they are 3d loaded to be findable.

cqf SKK_TarkovQuest "SKK_TarkovQuestScript.Startup"
;enable raid functions, triggers SKK_TarkovAutoStart and SKK_TarkovAddPlayerLoadout settings.

cqf SKK_TarkovQuest "SKK_TarkovQuestScript.Shutdown"
;disables all mod functions, does totally nothing until the next startup.

cqf SKK_TarkovQuest "SKK_TarkovQuestScript.StartPMCRaid"
;start a "normal" PMC/player loadout raid if not already running and configuration conditions allow.

cqf SKK_TarkovQuest "SKK_TarkovQuestScript.StartSCAVRaid"
;start a SCAV raid with random loadout if not already running and configuration conditions allow.

cqf SKK_TarkovQuest "SKK_TarkovQuestScript.StopRaid"
;stop a raid if running because you just can't cope.

cqf SKK_TarkovQuest "SKK_TarkovQuestScript.SetCustomSafeSpace"
;try to set player current position as safe space and death recovery point.

cqf SKK_TarkovQuest "SKK_TarkovQuestScript.ClearCustomSafeSpace"
;clear any existing safe space


Script and xEdit integration functions:


(1) GlobalVariable SKK_TarkovIsRaidRunning, default value 0 when raid is not running, value 1 when PMC Raid is running value 2 when Scav raid is running.

if(Game.IsPluginInstalled("SKKTarkov.esp")  == TRUE) 
SKK_TarkovIsRaidRunning = Game.GetFormFromFile(0x000130b3, "SKKTarkov.esp") as GlobalVariable
If (SKK_TarkovIsRaidRunning.GetValue() == 0)
;no raid running
ElseIf (SKK_TarkovIsRaidRunning.GetValue() == 1)
;PMC raid running
ElseIf (SKK_TarkovIsRaidRunning.GetValue() == 2)
;Scav raid running

(2) GlobalVariable SKK_TarkovChanceNoneGlobal, attach to LevelList [ Global Chance None ] that should only be active during a raid. Default value 100 when a raid is not running so items are NOT available, value 0 when a raid is running  so items are YES available.

If you have read the comprehensive solution description and articles but still need support,
best to use the SKK Mods Discord discord://discord.gg/tgKNT77DC8 

Main banner composite background based on the original concept by canalpa.
TARKOV, ESCAPE FROM TARKOV and ESCAPE FROM TARKOV RAID are apparently Trademarks registered to Loskutov, Dmitriy Gennadyevich.