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Loaded Bases is a Buddy Cop mod that becomes a Noir where you join DC security. You and a partner investigate several leads throughout the wasteland trying to track down the chem trade. Eventually, you find out there's something more going on with refurbished Synths, within the gangs of the commonwealth.

Permissions and credits
  • Russian
  • French

  • Roughly 3 hours of content.
  • Fully voiced quests (not the player) with multiple endings and consequences.
  • Over 500 lines of fully voiced professional grade dialogue.
  • Use of Extended Dialogue Interface system to bring back F3/NV dialogue (XDI is required)
  • Unique Kitbashed outfits made by DefaltTheFixer and myself.
  • Unique Kitbashed weapons made by Micalov
  • Ambient music thanks to xrendermanx aka The Rat

To start the mod simply find the note on the cork board in the entry hall way of Diamond City Security. No level is required but some quests may require not level one gear, especially the further you get along the quest line. Try to limit yourself to two companions as you get a companion character as your partner as part of the quests.

For your sake I have documented quest stages and quest IDs in the articles section for bug fixes.

Tips/Stuff that you may miss: 
You are given a case file holotape that records what quests you're doing or have done.
When Buggy and the Chief are in the office together they occasionally have back and forths.
There's alot of notes around DC sec offices of past cases that are pretty fun.

Mods that are required:
Extended Dialogue Interface which requires The Script Extender and Mod Config Menu.
Fens Sherriff Department Conflict Fixes:
I've actually written in some bonus lines if you have both mods installed, so if you want them to work together I have made a patch for the two mods to work well together, which they have in testing. Make sure you also grab the FSD XDI patch, also I recommend grabbing THIS MOD to make it so DC Sec have their old outfits so it fits better with my aesthetic.

Voice Talent:

SoldierHobbes - Chief Monohan
Henry Martin - Buggy Eckhart
Mildhot Sauce - Frank Decker
Kiara Dougherty - Skiz
CoryCoogan - Stephano
Ashlee Todd- May And June
TonyLoafer - Resident and Choog
Benjango - Thief and Doid

Special Guest VAs:

Alchestbreach - Stephano's Bouncer
Kevduit - Wintergrass

Show these folks some love, they did a great job!


Phineas Kube (Pigness) - Benjango - jkruse05 - MunkySpunk


Micalov - Defalt ZASLON - Degenerate Dak - TumbaJumba - JustReddz - Shadowvalor




My Patrons:
Michael Kenner - Radking - Its_Strong - Mondo - OscarN1N71 - Degrie 
nuclearPANDA86 - Bdazzle - Daniel Ramirez  xrendermanx - Jonathan Hamlet - Glasma
Conatus Hawk - Sgt. Robo - Paxton Mc - Aaron Beatty - Brian Ho -  Anthony Marangi
Y.J Double - Diacute - Gideon - Charles - gino gullion   - Urukage - Ondřej Bargl - 
p s - Ian Morris - Djiant 
And maybe you?


Screenshots: Pigness 

God and Jesus Christ for giving me the opportunity to do work like this with amazing talent.

And all of you for your support and interest in my work <3

Never Automated, Always Quality.