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DozerVil - Pushing Back the Wastes.
Featuring 22 plots, including a caravan plot.
Water and land reclamation.
A lore friendly game addition.

Permissions and credits
Pushing Back the Wastes

Submitted for the Sim Settlements 2 City Plan Contest. May 2021.
A Sim Settlements 2 City Add-on for Murkwater Construction Site.
Helping to rebuild The Commonwealth, one piece at a time.
A Vil Series Community

At DozerVil, we are pushing back the wastes.
We have drained off the swamp and ground waters, reclaiming the land around the construction site.
This has also created a great resource for the community, giving us an almost unlimited source of water we can purify and use.
We hope to one day reclaim more of the land lost to the swamp as more of the water levels lower in the surrounding area.
With the rich soils and the land we have reclaimed from the swamp, we are a thriving and productive community.
Come and pay DozerVil a visit.
See what we've done with the place.

The community is defended from all sides with junk walls, turrets and guard towers.
It has guarded, front and rear access when the wall is complete.
It is powered by a single solar panel, generators and a basic power plot which provides ample power for the community.
Between a water purifier, water pumps, a water tank, a basic water plot and the perception training facility, the town has ample water.
The greenhouse gardens, supplies the town with ample food from it's 3 interior plots and the endurance training facility, which helps with food production.
It does include an additional outdoor advanced garden plot that also adds to food production.
Workshed, bar and grill, player home, restrooms, greenhouse/warehouse and other customized buildings.
The Caravan Plot links it with other communities.
It includes a generator and recruitment beacon.
SS2 Workstation.
The town will provide excess food and purified water, which can be used as a resource by the player.
Be sure to add the Wasteland Venturers SS2 Addon Pack for new buildings and plots.

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More to come.


Once fully developed, DozerVil has a capacity of 16 beds +1 (Player's home), for 17 beds in total.
It has 22 plots in total.
With it's water, power and food resources, the town is fully self sufficient.
It includes a caravan route so it can be connected to other communities.
All Workbenches available.
Player's Home Available.
Watch as the water and land are reclaimed.

Plots included are as follows:

4x - Residential Plots
4x - Agricultural Plots
2x - Recreational Plot: Endurance training for improved farming and Perception training for improved water production.
1x - Industrial Plot
3x - Municipal Plots
3x - Martial Plots
5x - Commercial Plots

Additional: +1 bed from Player Home. Generator & Recruitment beacon. SS2 WorkStation.

I have set each stage of the towns development based on a settler ratio of 4x settlers (+1 bed player's Home)
Therefore each development stage of the town will add enough living space and work for that number of settlers.

Stage 0 - supports 4+1 settlers
Stage 1 - supports 8+1 settlers
Stage 2 - supports 12+1 settlers
Stage 3 - Supports 16+1 settlers

Use Vortex to install (or whichever mod installer you use)


1st rule
2nd rule
Always Carry a Towel.

Help, my plot is not working correctly.

After using your towel to wipe your brow, do the following:
Approach the ASAM Sensor and select "Activate, then select "Refresh Plot.

Please let me know if you encounter any issues in the comments section.
Please enjoy and feedback is welcome.