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Are you a victim of inventory bloating and constant death; do you carry gallons upon gallons of Nuka-Cola with Pallets-worth stashed at base? Try Nuka and Vim! Syrups! Packed with nearly 10x the benefits of the basics, including bonus effects and addiction! Plus Ice Cold DEEZER'S LEMONADE!!! Requires Far Harbor and Nuka World.

Permissions and credits
Nearly 10x power effect bonuses to every single Nuka-Cola, Nuka-Mix, and Vim! sodas; includes all Ice Cold variants with special conversion recipes and added extra bonuses for weaker drinks!

Recipes costs 10 of each Soda(Ice Cold too) and 1 Nuclear Material each.
You can also use 1 Cryo Cell to make a Syrup Ice Cold, or simply drop them off at Drinkin' Buddy!

Requires Far Harbor and Nuka World.

Ice Cold Syrups are ~10x versions of the Ice Cold Drinks, I tried to make my custom effects match the boost differences from Warm-Ice Cold.
Ice Cold Deezer's Lemonade is found at the cooking bench, and Warm versions can be given to Drinkin' Buddy. 2x Stronger Healing and Restores AP relative to HP from Warm drink.

Some effects are randomly affected by the Chemist duration perk without being Chem effects, you'll notice some of the regen times will differ but I assure you those are all set to 25 seconds Warm and 50 seconds Ice Cold using the exact same Magic Effect.
Warning: The 'magic effect description' (small effect text above stats tooltip) only displays one effect, the Pip-Boy will display most effects in your Status.

Features and Changes:
  • Adds Concentrates(10x Soda, 1x Nuclear = 1x Syrup), Ice Cold Conversions(10x Ice Cold Soda, 1x Nuclear = 1x Ice Cold Syrup), and Iced Concentrates(1x Cryo Cell, 1x Syrup = 1x Ice Cold Syrup) menus to the Soda Mixing Station.
  • Changed Carry Weight Actor Value (000002DC) to have a name and Abbreviation (WT) so it shows up in the tooltip instead of as a 'magic effect description'.
  • All Syrups can be given to Drinkin' Buddy, also includes Warm to Ice Cold Deezer's Lemonade(1x Cryo Cell to craft) +100 HP +50 AP in BEVERAGES at the Cooking Station.
  • Nuka-Syrup HP and Limb Regen stacks with all other drinks but all others will not stack together, carry weight stacks, but most other effects do not stack.
  • All Syrups carry a steep 35-50% chance of getting addicted, a nasty penalty easily dissuaded by drinking more... MORE!!
  • Addiction 'Offers': -3 Strength, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, and Luck. -2x HP Regen. -250 Rad Resist.
  • Some effects were reordered compared to the regular drinks, for description display and my OCD.
  • All Concentrates/Syrups have ~10x stronger/longer lasting effects, additional changes as follows.
  • All Nuka-Syrups apply a small, non-stacking (+.5x is the strength, for comparison the Deathclaw Wellington offers +.35x and Lorenzo has +10x!!) Limb and Health Regen Boost.
  • All Vim! Syrups apply a small non-stacking (Warm 1x Cold 1.5x) Rad Regen Boost, and supply an AP Limit Bonus.
  • Nuka-Cola Syrup (Nuka-Syrup) offers 2x(2.1x Ice Cold) Limb and Health Regen. Stacks with other Cola Regens, will not stack with Ice Cold version.
^(Duration Base: 1800 Seconds ~ 30 minutes)
  • Nuka-Syrup Cherry offers a Cure to All of your Addictions..
  • Nuka-Syrup Quantum offers 2x Limb and Health Regen(but stacks with Nuka-Syrup and not the rest of the colas); plus Temporary Near-Invulnerablity (High HP Regain + 10000 Hidden DMG/NRG/PSN/FIR Resist)
^(Duration Base: 25 Seconds Warm, 50 Seconds Ice Cold)
  • Nuka-Syrup Victory and Cide health restore fixed from bug relating to "Wasteland Survival 3" not having a proper second effect (might be more??)
  • Nuka-Syrup Bombdrop, Dark, Power (And Cide gets x2 b/c Dark) given 2x Damage due to having minimal effects.
^(Duration Base: Bombdrop+Power W-15 Sec C-30 Sec, Cide+Dark W-10 Sec C-20 Sec)
  • Nuka-Syrup Dark and Bombdrop gained slightly stronger alcohol based effects but with much longer times, even longer Ice Cold.
  • Nuka-Syrup Power restores W-100 C-150 AP nearly instantly.
  • Vim! Syrup offers +50% VATS Accuracy for W-15 C-25 Seconds.
  • Vim! Captains Blend Syrup Scent of the Sea lasts 5x Longer (+100 seconds for Ice Cold) and *might* be 2x stronger (testing is iffy with this drink/perk)
  • Vim! Quartz Syrup makes you vanish for W-15 C-30 Seconds, similar to Gulper Slurry.

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