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Clanggedin's Perkfest supermassively overhauls the game: Overhauls the immense majority of perks and adds tons of new ones - Overhauls consumable items and cooking - Overhauls companions - Overhauls turrets - Overhauls lockpicking and hacking progression - Overhauls medicine progression - New items - New workbenches - Tons of bonus - And more !

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What is Perkfest?

Perkfest is a colossal project, of a complexity and ambitions never reached, the cumulative results of a work of 4 years to deeply redefine the game's systems and the way to see it.

And all of this, with only what's in the game: no exteriors assets, no scripts, nothing but the game itself.

You'll answer it's all but politician talk, so let's move to the real question:

General overview.

The philosophy behind this mod.


Clanggedin's Perkfest, The Ultimate Overhaul

To give you an idea of how big this mod really is: it took me several days to write its entire description.

Because this mod is gigantic and is complex beyond comparison, its description is as much.

Thus, for this reason, and also because this page simply doesn't have enough space, each great aspect of this mod will be individually treated in an article whose links will be provided below.
Of course, you can also access these articles from the eponym section.

Also, this mod contains patchnotes, who can be obtained from 3 different ways:
- You can get them from a chest located outside the Vault 111.
- You can craft them for free at any chemist workbench under the menu "Perkfest: patchnotes".
- You can read the articles in the article section of the mod's page.

Speaking about patchnotes, if you are a user of the previous iteration of the mod, check the patchnotes of the update 3.0:
Patchnotes of the version 3.0: part 1
Patchnotes of the version 3.0: part 2
Patchnotes of the version 3.0: part 3

As already told before, each grand aspect of the mod will be treated in its dedicated article, and most of them will conclude by a quick Questions/Answers to clarify some interrogations you could have.

Finally, the present description will end with a quick summary and the communication of more general information.

Although nothing prevents you from reading the articles in the order you want, you need to know that due to the close ties between some aspects of the mod, it will be made mention of several elements and content who are directly related to others parts of the mods, and thus will be treated on several articles.

In an effort to reduce as most as possible the amount of text and allow a better comprehension, numerous screenshots showing various aspects of the mod can be found at the top of this page.

Part one: perks.
This article contains all the information regarding the perks, be it those from the Pip-boy, the magazines, bobbleheads, companions, or new unique perks.
Perks overhaul

Part two: consumables overhaul and items in general.
This article contains all the information about consumable items, the cooking overhaul, including a word on cannibalisme; on the new workbenches and their requirements, the changes brought to the robot workbench and robot building in general, and the related perks.
Items, consumables, workbenches, bonus

Part three: turrets overhaul.
This article is much shorter and only talks about the turrets, the modifications they underwent, and the philosophy behind these changes.
The article also says a word about the 15 brand new turrets added to the game, and the new dedicated perk Turret Syndrom.
Turrets overhaul

Part four: Lockpicking and hacking progression overhaul.
This article contains numerous important information about this overhaul, and also quickly talks about the new role occupied by the companions, which will be further developed in its dedicated article.
Lockpicking and hacking progression overhaul

Part five: Medicine progression overhaul.
Followed by a description and an explanation about the medicine overhaul, including a description of the new healing items added to the game.
This article is rather dense as it treats of numerous technical information and deep changes.
It also speaks about the new role of the companions, especially Curie.
Medicine progression overhaul

Part six: The companions overhaul.
Finally, we'll conclude by talking about the companions, their overhaul, and the philosophy behind it.
The article will also speak about the possible conflicts and compatibilities between this mod and others mods who add new companions and touch the base game companions.
Companions overhaul

And to conclude this description, a few more information:

- Loading screens have been significantely modified and updated to fit to the descriptions brought by the mod.
These changes also include a new loading screen designed to remind you that you are currently using the mod, giving you information about the current version you are using, and how to obtain the patchnotes.

- A new system taking into account elemental damage has been put in place, from now on, fire, ice and electricity damage will do more damage to certain types of enemies, as described below:
- Fire (Flamer, molotov cocktail, etc) do 100% more damage to insects and aquatic and swamp creatures (Mirelurks for example).
- Ice (Cryolator, cryo grenade, etc) do 150% more damage to insects and cold blooded animals (Deathclaws for example).
- Electricity (Lightning gun, pulse grenade, etc) do 200% more damage to machines, be it robots, turrets or 1st and 2nd Gen Synths.

This system also benefits to the turrets added by the mod and is handled automatically and passively by the game.
This system is also designed to be compatible with weapons added by others mods, without the need for compatibility patches.

Now for more general information:


To install the mod, place the Esp file in your Data folder and activate it with your favorite sotfware, that's all.

To uninstall it, simply delete the Esp file, that's all.

This mod contains NO exterior asset, in particular scripts, so you don't risk damaging your game or your save by installing or uninstalling it.

Due to the colossal amount of changes brought by this mod, I very strongly advise you to load it at the very end of your load order, right above Scrap everything.


This mod is completely incompatible with:
- Any and all mod who modifies, partially or entirely the perks from the base game.
- Any and all mod who modifies, partially or entirely the consumable items.
- Any and all mod who modifies resources from the base game (Steel, wood, etc)
- Any and all mod who modifies workbenches recipes and the robot workbench.

This mod is 100% compatible with any and all mod who modifies weapons and armors.

As indicated in the companions article, this mod is partially compatible with mods who modify companions from the base game, but only if my mod is loaded after.

This mod is 100% compatible with any and all mods who add new companions to the game.

Basically, this mod is generally compatible with any other mod who modify things that are not the perks, nor the companions.

But again, as already told a few lines above, I strongly advise you to load my mod at the end of your load order.


First my own mods (All the mods showcased are 100% compatible with Perkfest)

People have a name, who gives an identity to almost every inhabitant of the Commonwealth and beyond. Also includes a perk to make virtually invincible all settlers and recruitable settlers.

Lethal headshot, who increases the damage of headshot and others specific body parts against several enemies, french and english version both included.

Indestructible power armor, who adds special paintjobs making the power armor indestructible, as above, french and english versions available.

Infinite ammo weapons, a simple mod who adds a chest containing all the weapons from the game, with infinite ammo, french and english version available.

Settle everywhere, who adds a gun who shots workshops, allowing you to establish your base everywhere on the map, including in interiors. Also removes the time limit outside of your settlement.

Invisible Pip-boy in 3rd person, who makes the Pip-boy invisible when in 3rd person, without secondary effects.

Vanilla and DLC's all male outfits SHB bodyslide conversion, the conversion of all game's armors and outfits, DLC's included, to the masculine body Super Hero Body, so you can look good next to your enhanced CBBE body girlfriend.

Jenna's body - CBBE bodyslide preset, the best CBBE preset, mine of course, with several variants included.

And then, several mods I strongly recommend you:

Dicky's Pinup outfit CBBE Fusion Girl by Dickyftw.

Dream skin set by Stavetskaya.

Place everywhere by TheLich.

HiPoly Faces by SQR17.

True Grass by l00ping

Who does wonders with VELDT - Grass retexture by napoleonofthestump.

I'll have so much more to recommand, but I wouldn't have enough room for that, so we'll settle with these ones.


You are NOT allowed under any circumstance to modify, share or upload this mod with anyone and anywhere.
Translations and modifications are allowed ONLY for your exclusive personal use.


If you have a question about the mod or need a precision, first make sure the answer to your question is not already in the mod's description, in the articles or in the patchnotes, or even others comments in the discussion tab.

I literally spent an entire week writing the descriptions for both the french and english version, and I haven't done all of that for it to not be read, and so, I won't answer any question who is already answered in the description in the game.

Although I appreciate your enthusiam, this mod is not a group project, and I don't take any request, and no suggestions of any kind.


If you find a bug, thanks to report it in the Bugs tabs, with as much details as possible, I'll answer you the quickest I can, and if it is indeed a bug, I'll work to fix it the fastest as I can.

If you think you have found a bug but aren't sure of it, report it anyway, better to make a mistake than to not report a potential bug.

But be responsible: don't go an make 15 reports a day because you haven't bothered reading the descriptions.

Things who are not bugs:

- If you have a whited out icon in the perks list in the Pip-boy, but that the perk is available, it's normal, everything's fine, there's no bug, the icons removal is a secondary effect of some modifications made to the perks.

If you cannot get the perk or if another perk occupies its position, then it means you have another mod who modifies this perk, deactivate it.
If you're sure you don't have any other mod who does that, check again, I can guarantee you have one: my mod has been tested again and again and again, and this issue has been brought several times, and every single time, it was a conflict with another mod.

Oh, yes, I almost forgot: for english users.

This mod is first and foremost developed in french, thus, a lot of elements are written in french, and others aren't translated because they don't appear in game or are not supposed to be available.

So if you use FO4 edit or whatever else on my mod and you find errors, don't bother messaging me to tell me: I already know, and everything is normal and perfectly intended, there are a lot of things that are not shown in the mod either because it's things I keep for potential use or experiences I've made; in any case, it has no incidence on the mod or anything else.

Also, as you will also find French written entries if you do use these softwares, don't waste your time reporting it either: it's normal, I am French, I work in French, so of course everything behind the curtains, things you are not meant to have access to, will be in French and of course I'm not going to bother translating stuff you won't actually ever see in the actual game.

However, if you find french text in the actual game, be kind to report it, with a screen if you can, it will facilitate my work.

Q: I am noticing a few perks whose name is in french, namely: Le vieux fusil, Femme fatale and Dom Juan.
A: This is intended: these are french references: Le vieux fusil is an old french movie about a guy who hunt nazis with an old rifle he found to avenge his wife, Femme fatale is a reference to the stereotype about french women being hot and seductive, and Dom Juan, well, you know who is Dom Juan, and he is written Dom because its the french name as Molière wrote it.


To finally conclude, what to say?

Well, don't forget to track the mod or my profile: future updates are planned, on which I will communicate when time will come.

I want to especially thank Dickyftw and Stavetskaya who provided me with support and encouragement throughout the course of the developement of this update 3.0.
Thanks to both of you, and I hope you'll enjoy this new version.

Thanks for your download and have fun.