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Makes the ruins of Quincy into a full settlement while expanding rooftop access. Optional files with only settlement records, and a version with broken pre-combined meshes for scrap-ability.

Permissions and credits
Please Read for Important Info regarding the different versions

The other Quincy settlement mods didn't work correctly for me,so I began working on this mod. I made it into multiple versions because I eventually want to build it into a big Bunker Hill type of location, while still leaving an untouched settlement for players. During the process I also made a very scrappable version.

Quincy Ruins Settlement spans 6 cells in a 3x2 rectangle. The workshop workbench is my standing toolbox next to the Power Armor station in Sturgis' church garage. The workshop border isn't perfect but shares the exact shape with the actual build boundaries. The actual build area is a bit past the green border on the longer sides (east and west), and almost exactly flush with the shorter sides(north and south). These borders aren't random, they span exactly along the cells that share the Quincy Location form. After much trial and error I've nailed down the problem with respawns that other mods in his location have encountered. As far as my testing goes, the correct map marker and settlement stats should work exactly how they're supposed to. As should always be said about settlement mods, Happiness should start at 50% when first taking the workbench. I've never had a single issue with this but if you do, move the mod down in your load order. I've also taken the "dungeon" keyword from the location form, so the settlement won't register for any radiant quests.

Settlers sandbox most of the areas pretty well out of the box, but I used a lot of workstations from CvC'c Dead Wasteland mod to test the new rooftop areas. I made very heavy use of FO4 Edit throughout development to keep track of all edits for the different versions.

This can be installed at anytime, however most enemy markers have been disabled, so if you want a fight make sure to clear it out, just make sure to leave the area before installing this mod. For a massive battle, you can install Thuggysmurf's "Rematch at Quincy" mod alongside this mod. It is a bat file that spawns a bunch of gunners strategically placed throughout Quincy, and will not conflict at all with this mod.

The 2 expansion versions require all DLC, the settlement only version does not require DLC.

Quincy Expansion Main Version

The main file adds settlement functions, and makes quite a few edits to the area, while leaving precombined meshes untouched.This also means most objects aren't able to be scrapped. Place Everywhere helps and is highly recommended. I have:

  • Removed all enemies except for the 3 unique bosses. No gunners or assaultrons will ever respawn, there is only 1 attack marker being from my settlement markers.
  • Removed all gunner decals, corpses, and blood splatters. The gunner barricades have been painted with DC paint strokes.
  • Removed all traps and radiation hazards, and replaced all weak plank traps.

  • Added some bridges and a few structural pieces to allow access to unused rooftop areas. I Tried to blend them with the rest of the vanilla areas, would love feedback.
  • Meticulously navmeshed new rooftops and walkways to blend seamlessly, and fixed vanilla navmesh in the main area.

  • Added Occlusion cubes in the larger static buildings. This was one the last steps for finishing the mod and definitely made a noticeable difference on my end, especially with the PCB scrap version.
  • Removed "dungeon" keyword from the location form to keep from getting radiant quests sent here.
  • All workbenches throughout Quincy SHOULD be linked to the main workshop. Let me know if I missed any.

Broken Pre-combined Mesh Version

This is the same expansion version with 1 major difference. I moved a few static objects in the 4 main cells that were part of pre-combined meshes which makes ALMOST everything scrappable WITH PLACE EVERYWHERE. Using the "extra object selection" key will allow all kinds of buildings, trash, and most other statics to be scrapped within the main area.

Performance is surprisingly decent with the occlusion cubes, but the problem with breaking PCB like this is how it affects the Previs.The way I understand the system, Previs and PCB meshes work together, and breaking either of them breaks both within a 3x3 cell radius. this version basically fries precombined meshes and/or PreVis for at least in the surrounding cells. I haven't extensively tested this on a long term save yet, but some people might find it fun to have that freedom in Quincy.  I will not be rebuiding precombined meshes for this location.

Settlement Only Version
This version is just the bare minimum records to make the area into a settlement. This means no enemies, traps, decals or anything have been touched. This also means that many enemies will respawn when you leave and return to the settlement, traps are still scattered all over, navmesh is messed up in some areas, and there are no occlusion cubes to help with performance. This version does not require any DLC.

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