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This spawns a battle in the town of Quincy with over 100 Gunners vs. you and the Minutemen.

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The Minutemen Are Back
Preston Garvey: Hey General…
Player: Go away Preston
Preston: Remember that story I told you about the Quincy Massacre that killed off all the Minutemen?
Player:  I wasn’t really listening
Preston: Well, it’s time to take back Quincy and deal some payback to the Gunners there who killed my buddies.
Player: Are you coming along?
Preston: No, as usual I’m going to chill here at Sanctuary Hills
Player:  There’s probably a hundred Gunners in Quincy.  Am I doing this alone, or as General, do I actually get to take some soldiers with me?
Preston: I’ll send a message requesting 10 Minutemen soldiers to meet you at Quincy.
Player:  Ten? Wow, thanks I guess.  They’ll probably make excellent cannon fodder.  Where’s Quincy?
Preston: In the southeast corner of the Commonwealth, here I’ll mark it on your map…..
Player: Hands off my stuff Pencilneck. (Mutters to self) Too bad “commonwealth justice” doesn’t including restraining orders.
What this mod does
Spawns a battle in the town of Quincy with over 100 Gunners vs. you and 10 Minutemen.  Quincy is the southeastern most town on the Fallout 4 map.
There are 2 batch files included in the download. Install both in your main game folder and you can choose in-game which to run:
Quincy.txt:“bat Quincy” console command spawns over 100 Gunners at several dozen spawn points across Quincy, including rooftops, and spawns 10 Minutemen by your side to help you fight. The Gunners added are mostly leveled NPC’s so they should be appropriate to whatever level your character is at. 
QuincyLight.txt:“bat QuincyLight” console command spawns about half as many Gunners.
Here is a video of the mod in action:

Warning: This mod is tough to beat!  Due to the number of NPC’s generated it will likely affect your FPS.  Unless you have a good rig you’ll probably want to start with “bat QuincyLight” and make sure the performance is acceptable to you before trying “bat Quincy”. 
Q: How to install?
A: Download manually.  Place both .txt files into your game folder where Fallout4.exe is located (not your data folder).  For people using Steam the folder is usually ProgramFiles (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout 4.
Q: How to uninstall?
A: Remove both text files from your game folder.
Q: How to generate the enemies?
A: Travel to Quincy, open the console using the ~ key, and type “bat Quincy” without the quotes, then hit enter and exit the console. Ten Minutemen will spawn by your side, then all hell will break lose across Quincy as the enemies spawn at several dozen spawn points across the
If you want half as many enemies to spawn instead, type “bat QuincyLight” without the quotes.
The mod is easiest to beat if you start from up on the freeway so you can take out the Gunner snipers located there (see the video). Then take out the bad guys on the rooftops.  Starting from the underground parking garage is also lots of fun but risks turning into the end scene of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (i.e. you die quickly and spectacularly).
Save your game before you generate the enemies. The odds of dying are high.
Q: How is this different than using player.placeatme console command?
A: The“player.placeatme” command places all the enemies right in front of you.  This mod strategically places the enemies at dozens of spawn points across the city to make the battle more interesting, last longer, and reduce the probability of getting killed right away.  It also generates the enemies with one command rather than fifty.
Q: How long does the battle last?
A: Depends on your weapons, number of companions, etc. Takes me at least 10 minutes to wipe out everyone, sometimes over 20 minutes.
Q: Will this corrupt or crash my game?
A: There is no .esp file with this, just .txt files that place enemies in the world space, so it won’t corrupt your game.  However the game engine has a limit to how much stuff can be going on at once, and the quality of your rig also matters.  If the regular “bat Quincy” command is causing problems, try the “bat QuincyLight” command.  Don’t enter the console commands until you’re at the city, or you may find lots of corpses in unexpected places in or around Quincy.