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This release is intended as an addon to the “His Kingdom Come” base mod! However, this release can be used standalone as is, and does not require the main mod in order to function.

In a time of post apocalyptic decadence and despair, the word of God returns a message of hope to a people who have long forgotten Him.

Permissions and credits
His Kingdom Come: Radiostation Addon

What does this mod do?
- Adds custom radiostation to the Commonwealth, that broadcasts the Word of the Bible 365 days a year. The contents of the Bible are distributed in a yearlong reading/listening plan, ensuring that each day you will be hearing a new part of the Bible! Listen for a year (ingame time) and you will have listened to the entire KJV Bible.
- Adds a custom Magazine from the "Building His Kingdom" magazine set, introduced in the main mod (His Kingdom Come)
- Adds a custom workshop item radio receiver, which can be built in your settlements (once unlocked), and is tuned to this radio channel.

Use the included FOMOD installer with a mod manager for best results.

Included are 1k textures, 2k textures and 4k textures for the Magazine.Choose whichever you desire.

Available in 2 versions. The "normal" version with a modest soundlevel and a "Loud" version with an increased sound volume! Compare the 2 versions using the below video:

- Compatibility patch with VIS included in FOMOD installer.
- Compatibility patch with VIS-G included in FOMOD installer.
- Compatibility patch with Better Item Sorting included in FOMOD installer. 

- Everything added in this mod, is standalone. The only worldedits/world-additions that have been done, are inside the Union's Hope Cathedral in Cambridge and the All Faiths Chapel in Diamond City. If you use custom mods changing these worldspaces there is a chance that you will experience issues.

Is this release an esl?
- Yes. It’s an .esp acting as a .esl and thus does not contribute to the 255.esp limit!

Which Bible version is the audio based on?

- It's based on the official King James version!

How do I unlock the workshop items?
- Find the "Building His Kingdom" Magazine.
- Hint: Theres a clue inside the All Faiths Chapel in Diamond City. (It points you towards the Union's Hope Cathedral in Cambridge)

I am unsure if the mod is loading properly.
- Check which version of Fallout 4 you are running! This mod was created using version "". You may have to manually edit the mod version, to correspond with your actual game version, using xedit! 

What radio frequency does this radiostation actually occupy?
 - It occupies frequency nr. 93.25  

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