Fallout 4
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A shotgun based on the concept art of Fallout 4. Custom 1st and 3rd Person animations and added to the Leveled Lists.

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Based on the concept art for Fallout 4, this is the other handmade shotgun.

It has been released previously but I have tried to keep it individual so think there is room for two. It's designed as a low level shotgun which would be a nice addition alongside the Creation Kit Handmade Shotgun. The artwork is all by asXas.

The main differences are:

  • It's got completely unique animations including 3rd person. 
  • Each shot needs to manually crank the cylinder for the next round.
     You have 4 shots but you have to cycle the cylinder and it has a slower reload so quite balanced.
  • Custom sound for the crank.
     Hopefully not annoying but you can always turn it off in the creation kit.
  • Something that's often overlooked is a slight zoom when aiming down iron sights.
      This is done by an fZoomDataFOVMult on the iron sight to 1.09 (109%) of your current FOV.
      If you have a custom FOV you might want to alter this in the Creation Kit on all the sights.

  • Level List Injection
      It uses my own version and currently set to Raiders.
      You can go to the properties in the Creation Kit on the quest if you want to change it or add it to vendors or other factions.
      It will only run once and when the mod is first loaded.


I'm a bit lazy with releases so have put a number of bits that are either done or work in progress misc files section. There are examples of how they look in the screenshots. If there's anything you like and want to take further please message me and let me know.

- Old HUD is a replacer that adds a New Vegas HUD. It has the Fallout 3 version within it.
  This requires F4SE which removes the dropshadow from the HUD. There's an OldHUD.dll which goes in the Data/F4SE/Plugins folder.
  If you want to uninstall make sure you remove that dll file also. It also has an esp.
  This is because I'm not very good at F4SE and could be done in the dll if I have more talent lol.
  So make sure you have the dll in the right place. The OldHUD.esp enabled in your mods and when you launch with the loader is should look like the pictures.
- Skorpion is an SMG which I think fits nicely in Fallout. The artwork is by kutejnikov on SketchFab and really great.
  It's basically a 10mm with a couple of changed animation.
  I haven't done automatic receivers as I use an firemode switch in my game. Might create them and reupload. Easy enough to do in the Creation Kit.
- Animated Drinks is 1st Person animations for drinks but I've only done Purified Water.
  When I'm playing I don't really drink anything else but it would be easy enough to use what's there to add the rest.
- Favourite Icons is a source which you can add in new icons. Doesn't work for the pipboy assigning but when you go to use them the icons will be what you set.
  I've added a few but not finished with it. It's a string search so quite flexible.
- ZipCar is a hover car and has animations but it's really not anywhere near finished.
  The animations are messy but you do turn the steering wheel and can look left and right.
- PyPipboy Widgets. I've put together a clock, calendar and a general widget.
  I've also added a condition one that is animated and converted just over 100 animations to gif.
  No idea if I can actually release these so just in the images at the moment.