Fallout 4

About this mod

This adds 91 Gunner themed Outfits/Hats/Helmets/Masks (40 Outfits, 41 Hats/Helmets, 10 Masks) to the game.

Permissions and credits

This does NOT give Gunner NPC's the new clothes. As of 2.0 this is officially a Modders Resource, if someone wants to make a improvement to the Gunners by using my stuff, you're free to do so.

I won't be updating or adding anything new to this mod, the only thing I'll be doing is fixing any bugs I might have missed out on. Bugs such as:
- Missing textures.
- Clipping.
- And any other issues that are related to the Outfits/Helmets/Masks from this mod.

I will NOT be doing compatibility patches and body conversions, so please don't ask.


Mavmanzero - For providing the new crafting category in the Chemistry station, new meshes for the goggles and more.
g324 - For providing the Gunner Outfit Pack (leveled lists)
- For providing the Gunner Outfit Pack - NPC Leveled List Integration and Patch with CBBE BodySlide


Well here it is guys, the long awaited A-I-O everyone wanted, some already existing outfits/helmets have been modified and renamed, stats have been changed (I'm not good at making stats and such, so if something seems underpowered or overpowered, forgive me.), crafting the said outfits/hats/helmets/masks might be a bit difficult for some of you now, some outfits now require you to craft one outfit in order to craft the one you want, alternatively you can just smack that ~ key and add the outfits via console, I don't judge.


- Gunn
er Ammunition Carrier Outfit.

- Gunner Combat Fatigues: (Private, Corporal, Sergeant and Lieutenant variants, all of them have their respective rank painted on a armband on the outfit.)

- Gunner Combat Outfit: (Combat Outfit, Grunt, Trooper, Commander.)

- Gunner Conscript Outfits: (Two variants, one with a tank top and the Gunner harness, the other with the Gunner Flannel Shirt jeans, and Gunner Guard shirt, both have shock/explosive collars with some partially broken glowing effect which I don't really know how to fix, hopefully it shouldn't bother you that much.)

- Gunner Enforcer Outfit: (Gunner Enforcers are usually tasked with protecting settlements which have paid for their service, can be also used as Caravan guards.)

- Gunner General Uniform: (Every faction needs that one guy/girl who people call "General" just to have the said guy/girl do errands for them.)

- Gunner Pilot Jumpsuit.

- Gunner Ranger Outfit.

- Gunner Scout Outfit.

- Gunner Supervisor Outfit.

- Gunner Combat Helmets: There's 15 different variants of the Gunner Combat Helmets, they're mostly suited to go with the Combat Outfits.

- Gunner Helmets: They come in 4 different variants, meant to be used with the Gunner Combat Fatigues.

- Gunner Gas Masks: It's the same deal with the vanilla Gas Mask, just retextured to fit the Gunner theme.

- Gunner Face Mask: Comes in 2 variants, one's lowered while the other covers your face.

(NEW IN 2.1)


-Gunner Combat Pants and Jacket.

(NEW IN 2.0)


- Gunner Advisor.

- Gunner Bounty Hunter (V1 & V2, see pictures in the gallery.)

- Gunner Combat Outfit. (Not to be confused with the other versions, this is a new one, see picture above.)

- Gunner Heavy Outfit Full. (A complete version of the old Heavy Outfit.)

- Gunner Mechanic.

- Gunner Spec Ops Outfits. (Trooper, Operative, Commander, see pictures above.)


- Gunner Beret. (A more green beret suited for the regular Gunners, goes well with the Combat Outfits.)

- Gunner Boonie Hat.

- Gunner Cap. (It's the old Supervisor cap, just changed the name so it doesn't feel "restrictive".)

- Gunner Combat Helmets. (More variants to the Combat Helmet, see pictures above.)

- Gunner Combat Mask. (Has 4 different types, two have the green tint goggles, two have transparent goggles, can also be used alongside all hats/helmets that don't have masks, goggles,..etc.)

- Gunner Spec Ops Combat Helmets. (Three different variants, Gas mask, Goggles, and goggles on the helmet.)

- Gunner Spec Ops Heavy Helmet.

- Gunner Spec Ops Beret & Spec Ops Mask.

- Gunner Supervisor Cap. (Added a new mesh to suit the "Supervisor" feel.)


- Some hats/helmets MAY or MAY NOT clip with your characters hair/face. 

- The Face Mask has clipping issues with the Combat Fatigues, I've made a separate mask specifically to be used with the Combat Fatigues to fix this issue.

- If you dismember a NPC's head with a Combat Helmet that has the goggles, the leather part will still be present.


Far Harbor & Nuka World


Gunner's Plaza, Wes' Office, the first crate you see on the left.
Or you can craft the outfits in a chemistry station under utilities.

Ballistic weave can be applied only on the Outfits.

I tried figuring out how to apply other armor mods onto the outfits with zero success, so I apologize about that.