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Integrates many of the lore-friendly power armor sets into the Commonwealth, distributing them to enemies and adding them as legendary drops. Want to fight enemies wearing X-02 power armor? Want to find a legendary Ultracite torso? Now you can. Fully modular, so you can only take the features and power armor sets you want.

Permissions and credits
In the 210 years since the bombs dropped, many besides the Sole Survivor have uncovered the power armor of the Old World. Some have only been able to scrap together the rusty pieces they have found until they break down, while others have learned the craft of upgrading power armor themselves to become formidable foes.

Power Armor to the People aims to incorporate many of the lore-friendly power armor sets available on the Nexus into the Commonwealth, making them feel like they are a part of the world. It imagines a world where power armor is a little more plentiful in the hands of the inhabitants of the Commonwealth, both as scavenged legendary items and on enemies who wear the suits themselves, and less commonly found abandoned. Effort has been taken to ensure that enemies who wear each set of power armor could plausibly have the armor.

The mod itself is a series of ESL-flagged ESPs, so if you don't like one of the features or you don't want to use some of the power armor sets, you don't have to. The installer contains patches for some common mods, and will auto-detect which ones you have to try and give you the best selection of patches for your setup automatically.Some additional configuration options are available in-game to fine-tune some of the mod's behaviour if you have Mod Configuration Menu installed.

Power Armor to the People is currently in beta. I have done extensive testing of all of the features in isolation, but have not done a start-to-finish playthrough. I am pretty confident this won't break your game, but always back up your saves before bringing in a new mod. I would love feedback on the balance if you do find yourself playing from a lower level, and I would love feedback on the install process / managing your load order with all of the patches.


Power Armored Enemies

With this feature installed, each selected power armor set will be given to certain enemies for the player to encounter. These enemies are still relatively uncommon, but you'll probably find at least one in most locations.
  • Raiders are only able to scrap together what they can find, using mixed sets of rusted power armor
  • Gunners have learned how to maintain and upgrade power armor, and have working sets of armor from the different offshoots of the US military and former US government
  • The Institute has their own set of power armor
  • The Brotherhood of Steel has reclaimed power armor sets from their fight with the Enclave, and has an advanced power armor set for their Star Paladins

For a full breakdown of which sets are available to each group of enemies at each level, see this article: Spawn Levels and Locations

Requires SweXavier05's Power Armored Enemies - Destructible version is recommended

Legendary Power Armor

With this feature installed, there is a small chance that any legendary item dropped by a legendary enemy will be power armor. All of the base game effects are supported (with the exception of fall damage reduction), as well as the Far Harbor effects and a few effects that are exclusive to power armor in the base game.
For a full breakdown of what level each power armor set becomes available as a possible legendary drop, see this article: Spawn Levels and Locations

Requires Legendary Power Armor Pieces and the Far Harbor DLC

Redistribute Power Armor

With this feature installed, the availability of each power armor set is changed. The full set that each power armor mod adds to the world is either removed or reduced to a partial set. This makes the hunt for each set of power armor more interesting, as you typically have to find the legendary pieces or fight an enemy wearing the armor to get it.

This also makes some power armor sets available for sale at vendors. For a full breakdown of which sets are available at which vendors, see this article: Spawn Levels and Locations

Note: This feature does not affect Creation Club power armor, since they come with a quest to retrieve them and I didn't want to interfere with that. You may want to consider using Creation Club Delayed to make the quests to retrieve these items occur more organically instead (thanks to jsalex for this).

Power Armor Sets

Fully Featured Sets

The following power armor sets are currently supported:

Additional Patches

Patches are available for the following to add additional variety to power armored enemies:

Patches are available for AWKCR as well, but that's for compatibility reasons - it does not add any additional features in relation to this mod.

Highly Recommended Mods

These mods naturally fit into what Power Armor to the People is trying to achieve and are highly recommended to be included alongside it. These are the mods I play with, and patches are included in the installer to support those that need them:
  • Consistent Power Armor Overhaul - Among other things, it adds a rusty T-51 texture which raiders can use
    • Note: If you are using AWKCR's Consistent Power Armor Overhaul replacer plugin, be sure to download the rusty T-51 fix
  • Children of Atom Power Armor - Unique variants and can be worn by the Children of Atom
  • Some Assembly Required - Makes power armor rare in the world, contributing to the feeling that people have been scavenging it for the last 210 years
    • The Atom Cats CPAO patch from Some Assembly Required is also highly recommended to make T-60 unique to the Brotherhood of Steel
    • The No Stat Change version is recommended, as most of the power armor sets that Power Armor to the People supports do not have a Some Assembly Required patch to maintain balance between the sets and the increase makes power armored enemies more difficult


Use your preferred FOMOD-compatible mod manager, such as Vortex. The installer has many patches in it, which will auto-detect your current mods and should default to the correct set for your setup. It is highly recommended that you install this mod after you have the other power armor sets you want as a result, especially since some power armor sets feature both an ESL and an ESP version and this installer will ensure you get the right files depending on which one you have. You can also manually toggle each feature, power armor set, and patch to customize what you get, though features all show up together (e.g. if you choose both Power Armored Enemies and Legendary Power Armor and select three power armor sets, you will get both features for all three sets). If you select a power armor set that you do not have installed and it supports both an ESL and an ESP version, it will install the files for the ESL version by default.

Once again, while the installer can install many patches to support your selection, all of these plugins are ESL-flagged ESPs that will not count against the normal ESP limit. For a full reference of what plugins can be installed, what they do, and when the installer will select them, see Plugin Details. Note that this list is quite long and it is not necessary to understand all of it, but it is a useful reference if you are trying to figure out what a plugin in your load order does.

Load Order

In general, these plugins should all be as close to the bottom of your load order as possible. Patches have been included to aid in compatibility, and there are no load order dependencies within Power Armor to the People itself (outside of making sure every plugin is lower than its masters).

The only known load order issue has to do with the armor records for the power armor sets in the base game, since many of the recommended mods make changes to them. Assuming you have every recommended mod and patch installed, here is how those plugins should be ordered:

LegendaryPAPieces - AWKCR Patch.esp
Some Assembly Required.esp

If you don't have some of these mods installed, the order should still be maintained for the ones that you do. These mods don't necessarily need to be right next to each other in the order - other mods can be in between them - so long as this is the order these specific mods are in.

Installing Mid-Playthrough

Power Armor to the People is intended to work with a new game, with each set of power armor set to show up at certain levels to provide a progression throughout the game, but this is not a requirement. Installing mid-playthrough should be safe, as this is how I have done most of my testing. However, there are some important things to keep in mind if you do this:
  • Legendary power armor heavily leans in favour of giving you the strongest power armor set(s) available to you based on your level (>50%, with the exact chance depending on how many power armor sets you installed). If you install Power Armor to the People while you are already a high level, your chances of getting legendary power armor for a specific lower level set will be very low unless you visit zones that are still locked to a lower level.
  • If you have already obtained some of the power armor sets from around the world, you could skip some of the normal progression (e.g. with everything installed, it shouldn't be possible to get a full set of Hellfire X-03 until at least level 60, but you could have gotten this at a much lower level first)
  • If you have already obtained some of the power armor sets from around the world, it's possible that some of the partial sets that replaced the full sets will respawn


Many of the changes made for Power Armor to the People are new records, not changes to the base game. This should make it compatible with most mods. The biggest compatibility concerns are the following:
  • Changes to the armor records for the power armor in the base game, such as changing durability / armor, or possibly even adding new paint jobs if they add a new combination to the armor for spawning the set
  • Changes to leveled lists for NPC enemies if you are using the Power Armored Enemies feature
  • Changes to some vendor inventories for the Redistribute Power Armor feature

If you use a mod that affects any of these things but there is not a patch available for it in Power Armor to the People, check the Compatibility Reference to see how well supporting it is. This is an ongoing effort as the community starts using the mod, so if you are able to provide details about the compatibility of another mod, please leave a comment. If you do not see the mod on the list, that doesn't mean it isn't compatible, so feel free to try it out and report back.


Since this mod has patches for so many other mods, it is really built on the shoulders of giants. Thank you to all of the mod authors who gave me permission to make patches for your work, and a special nod to AtomicTEM for uploading the No Stat Change version of Some Assembly Required at my request.

If you enjoy playing with these mods, please endorse them!

Mods Directly Incorporated
Other Patches
  • Elminster for xEdit, without which this mod would not have been possible
  • Wenderer for FOMOD Creation Tool, which helped greatly in building the installer


I took all of the screenshots, but I did not create any of the assets in them. All of those assets were made by the authors you see credited above for their respective mods.

(CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)