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TheCrawlingDark - DefaltTheFixer

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Give the Gunners a Gunner look.

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Overhauled completely. Should now see a diverse amount of armors distributed to the Gunners, with sets like SpecOps, Heavy, and Commander armors separated for immersive feelings.

Also renamed the Gunner archetypes based on the armor names from Defalt himself.


Back at it again, this time with Defalt's other gunner outfit pack by popular demand. Like two people, but that counts.

Replaces Gunner Leveled Lists with the armor's from Defalt's pack. How this differs from creodron's integration is that mine only replaces vanilla lists without adding new npcs and uses the latest version of Defalt's mod.

I may have missed an item or two, but that's just from the sheer amount of items in Defalt's mod. Dude's a maniac, but a good one.

SpecOps and Heavy armors will spawn at higher levels due to it feeling immersive.

Enjoy, and remember all credit goes to Defalt for the armors, I just stuck them in a leveled list.