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Integrates the Gunner Outfit Pack mod by DefaltTheFixer into the Gunner Faction

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This is the Gunner NPC integration overhaul for this required mod.

Gunner Outfit Pack (STANDALONE)


  • Adds various custom Gunner NPCs all with their own unique class monikers.
  • All named Gunners including Nuka World and Far Harbor DLC have been modified to wear the new outfits.
  • Follows the level progression set out by Bethesda regarding NPC stats meaning you won't feel any sudden jumps in difficulty engaging my NPCs.

Detailed Feature List:

  • Basic Classes: Conscript, Private, Corporal, Sergeant, Lieutenant, Colonel, General.
  • Specific Classes: Military Police, Scout Sniper, Combat Engineer, Radiation Specialist, Field Medic, Bounty Hunter, Heavy, Ranger, Support, Contractor, Pilot, Special Forces.
  • Power Armor Classes: Mechanized Infantry, Armored Dragoon.

Basic classes will spawn more often than specific ones with the exception of Colonel and General which have the lowest spawn rates. At level 30, all classes will be available to spawn. If some classes spawn more than others, than it is simply the result of probability. I have done everything I can to mitigate this issue and create a balanced spawn distribution among all the different classes. Your experience with each different play through will vary.

There will be Gunner Power Armor pieces for T-45, T-51, T-60, and X-01. They cannot be modified, only repaired or sold.

Specific and Power Armor classes have Legendary versions.
Load Order:



  • Any mods that edit the Gunner LChar, Named Gunner NPCs, Gunner Furniture and various Gunner Template NPC records will conflict.
  • All of my leveled list records are unique and will not conflict with any mod.
  • Weapon mods that insert into the Gunner weapon leveled list will show up on my custom NPCs (Same behavior as vanilla).
  • PANPC should be compatible as all my NPCs are flagged Gunner Faction.
  • Read my sticky comment regarding testing.

 Huge thanks to DefaltTheFixer for testing various beta versions of 2.0 and providing bug reports and feedback!

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