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Integrates the Gunner Outfit Pack mod into the Gunner Faction and provides optional CBBE BodySlide files.

Permissions and credits
This is a NPC leveled list integration and outfit patch for this required mod.

Gunner Outfit Pack (STANDALONE)

CBBE BodySlide files are available in the optional download section.

  • Custom Gunner NPCs that have unique class names and will use their corresponding outfit.
  • These custom NPCs are level scaled to the player. They should completely replace all non-named Gunner NPCs.
  • In addition to the custom NPCs, I have also made Legendary versions of them too.
  • I do not modify the outfit list that vanilla Gunners use as NPCs other than Gunners also use that list. In fact I do not touch any vanilla outfit records.
  • Every vanilla override edit I made was absolutely necessary and has been kept to a minimum.
  • This mod is an ESP flagged as an ESL.


  • There is container inside the room where Captain Wes is located at which contains all the outfits in the Gunner Outfit Pack. I have provided the option to remove it.
  • The original crafting recipes for the outfits are immersive and lore-friendly. Still I would like a simpler version so I have provided that option. You can always revert back to the original if you don't like the changes I made. I have also included the option to remove the ability to craft the outfits.

Detailed Feature List:

  • Gunner NPCs: Conscript, Initiate, Private, Mechanic, Ammunition Carrier, Corporal, Supervisor, Scout, Pilot, Sergeant, Engineer, Demolition, Medic, Lieutenant, Officer, Bounty Hunter, Hazmat, Marksman, Advisor, Heavy, Ranger, Enforcer, Special Forces Trooper, Special Forces Heavy, Special Forces Operative, Special Forces Commander, General.
  • Certain classes will use specific weapons or have specific weapons added to their equipment list.
  • Outfitted the following named Gunners from the base game. Wes, Bridget, Baker, Bullet, Winlock, Barnes, Cruz, Ryder, Jefferies, Lee, and Hart.
  • Added APPR Legendary keyword to all items. This is useful if you have mods that use that keyword as an entry point. E.g. Crafting Framework
  • Added ballistic weave to all variants of the Combat Helmet including Enforcer, Heavy, and Pilot Helmets.
  • Added armor linings to appropriate outfits.
  • Outfits with armor lining now have Instance Naming. Their names now have prefixes with the lining you installed.
  • Outfits with ballistic weave now have Instance Naming. Their names now have prefixes with the weave you installed.
  • If an outfit has both armor and ballistic weave options, then it will use the Instance Naming for armor linings only.
  • These linings/weaves do not show up preinstalled on Gunner NPCs. They have to be created by the player.
  • Made sure that if a custom Gunner NPC spawn in Fatigues they don't also spawn with the Combat Helmet Face Mask to prevent clipping.
  • Every item in the Gunner Outfit Pack now have a scrap recipe. You can scrap it on the armor bench or in workshop mode.
  • Gunner corpses will now spawn with the outfits. Name changed from "Gunner" to "Gunner Corpse". Their faces will now have more variety.

Load Order:



  • Any mods that edit the Gunner Leveled NPC and NPC records may conflict.
  • Read my sticky comment regarding testing.
  • I have provided a patch for Better Locational Damage and Optional Gameplay Overhauls v6.5.2. Adds Gunner Outfit Pack helmets to BLD form lists for the bleeding mechanic script. Adjusted my custom NPCs health to BLD levels, they are no longer bullet sponges. Resolves conflicts. This file is in the miscellaneous download section. Remember to place it after both my mod and BLD.


  • Make sure you have the latest version of BodySlide/Outfit Studio installed.
  • I am not an expert Outfit Studio sculptor so it may not be up to your standards.
  • There are not enough vertices in the ahem, important areas, to create a smooth surface.
  • All outfits have a zap slider and is zapped by default. The slider is named "Skin Clip".
  • In BodySlide, they are in the group "Gunner Outfit Pack". If your custom preset doesn't show up, read my sticky comment.
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