About this mod

Cleaner Lived-In Settlements is a lore-friendly settlement mod that removes most of the unwanted trash from all surfaces. It also makes many opinionated trash objects scrappable in workshop mode, plus a few more features.

Permissions and credits
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What is this mod?
Cleaner Lived-In Settlements is a lore-friendly settlement mod that removes most of the unwanted debris, trash, papers, stains, and ugly plants from all surfaces. It makes many opinionated trash objects scrappable in workshop mode, adds trash collections to scrap multiple pieces at once, cleans debris off shelves and tables, and cleans surfaces of rust and stains. All of this is done while optimizing precombines so that game performance is not sacrificed! Only objects inside the settlements' borders are affected.

This is intended to give a more "lived-in" atmosphere, only cleaning up useless trash-like objects from the settlements. As you would most likely do if you planned on living there for quite some time. People normally want their residence to look nice, if not decent.

How does it work?
Keywords are used to locate objects inside the settlement's cells, then trash-like objects are removed from inside the settlement's borders. Immersion trash-like objects are left alone and added to the scrap list to be scrapped from the workshop mode in-game. Large piles of debris are grouped together, allowing for easier and less arduous scrapping. Debris-filled shelves and tables are swapped out for debris-less versions. Rust, moss, dirt, and stain decals are removed from structures and objects.
*Precombines are optimized, most are still intact, but some are altered to remove debris objects while maintaining performance. For precombines that are altered, new precombine data is generated.

What's currently supported?
Currently, all 30 base game settlements, the single Nuka-World settlement, and 793 newly scrappable objects are supported.*
*To view a full list of supported settlements and newly scrappable objects, check the Articles page
*More DLC support will be coming soon.

What is this mod compatible with?
It's compatible with other settlement-altering mods, just load this one last.
 - If you have a mod that only affects a single settlement, load this mod before it.
It's sorta compatible with other scrapping mods.* Scrapping mods that alter the same objects will cause a conflict due to the objects most-likely having a different component list. The game will use the scrapping mod's component list that is last in your load order.

*This will not cause any game-crashing or performance issues, only the components you receive upon scrapping the objects.
*If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

To give the best sense of immersion, install this mod after you've discovered all or most of the settlements.
This will give you an immersive role-playing feeling that you and your settlers cleaned up the place, rather than first discovering it that way.