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some tweak to armor and legendary effects

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Armor and Legendary Tweaks
Just a small tweak to some effects that I personally prefer requires Far Harbor, Armorsmith Extended, and Unified Clothing Overhaul

In particular:
Tweaks Legendary Effect Chameleon so that it functions when sneaking but not sprinting instead of only when still.
Adjust Pocketed and Deep Pocketed to have the carry values of AE small bag and Sanchel backpack effects
Adjust Two Shot Legendary so it actually Multiplies the number of projectiles by 2 instead of just adding one. Ie a Shot gun would have double the projectiles, a Gatling laser will fire twice as many shots, etc.

Simple Recipes
Some tweaks to cooking and some additional recipes for crafting the various liquors, the cut mole rat stew, and some animal glues (bone paste/adhesive and leather paste/adhesive)
Done as a ESL

Misc Follower and Settlement Tweak
Power Lines have increased radius/length and i incorporated the changes from Power Line Physics
some changes to lights similar to a mix of Better Streetlight Variety and Better Workshop Lights
tweaks from Only Lootable Helmets are visible on Skeletons
tweaks from Companion Stealth Distance Fix (No Free Hugs) - Now with No Dogmeat in Crosshairs
Done as a ESL

AE + UCO Patch
Attempts to resolve conflicts between Armorsmith Extended, Unified Clothing Overhaul, Pipboy Customization Framework, The Unofficial Patch, Super Mutant Redux and Raider Overhaul

Weapons Patch
Attempts to resolve conflicts between Unified Clothing Overhaul, Damage Type Variation, Armorsmith Extended, Pew Pew Lasers, and Power Armor Overhaul - Frames. Also adds burning to weapons with burning damage like Gamma Capacitors and attempts to fix other aspects like poison stacking, burning stacking ,etc.

Shill Patch
Mega Patch for Armorsmith Extended, UCO CC Patch Morgan Space Suit, Immersive Paint Job Unlocks, Manwell Rifle Unoffical Patch with ALL the Creation Club Items to date, probably only I will find it useful but here ya go
You will need:
Morgan Suit
Gauss Prototype
Chinese Stealth Suit
Horse Armor
Doom Marine
BGF 9000
Hellfire Power armor
Handmade Shotgun
Tunnel snakes
Arcade Machines
Slocum Joes
Branded Attire
Captain Cosmos
Anti Material Rifle
Nuka cola house/decorations
Solar Rifle
Chalesston Condo
Neon suite
neo sky
Sentinal Power armor
Fantasy set
x02 power armor
Zeatean Weapon Set
Holiday Set
Quake Thunderbolt
manwell rifle