Fallout 4

About this mod

UCO: Unified Clothing Overhaul expands your options for customizing and crafting clothing, armor and costumes & (with the UCO Plugin series) crafting weapons & ammunition.

Permissions and credits
UCO was designed for the launch of mods on Console (XB1 launch) as an all-in-one solution for customizing Armor and Clothing. It has since grown to include other features and been shared with PC (and adapted for PS4). UCO's best known feature is the "Color Swap" framework (which has since been contributed to AWKCR) however it also offers a range of other features that found in other mods like Concealed Armor, Legendary Modification etc - these were developed independently to meet the same demand so are not identical but offer users an alternative, simplified approach to these commonly requested features.

UCO: Unified Clothing Overhaul
expands your options for customizing items^:
  • LAYER – Armor pieces can be worn over all clothing & armor. Extra items can be worn together (eg gasmask + helmet, glasses + bandana + helmet).
  • COLOR SWAP - change color of many items of armor & clothing (including vaultsuits, hats, bandanas etc) as well as Power Armor & Pipboys^
  • INVISIBLE ARMOR - Use the "Invisible" option of color swap (on chest, leg and arm armors) to have the effect of the armor but without the appearance.
  • DECAL SWAP - change the decal on your combat armor/minuteman generals uniform or your vaultsuit number (or make blank)
  • UPGRADE ALL clothes, armor, hats, helmets, bandana's & glasses with BALLISTIC WEAVE* & Linings
  • LEGENDARY SWAP - move legendary effects from one item* to another including items that don't normally have legendary abilities like hats/bandana's/vaultsuits/glasses (includes all clothing/armor/weapons)
  • TYPE SWAP - change most armor pieces between light/sturdy/heavy variants
  • CRAFTING - many armor, clothing items (including gloves and wigs), weapons, ammo & a backpack can now be crafted at the AWKCR crafting stations. Some items are available automatically while further recipes are unlocked by game play (quest completion and companion affinity). 
  • COSTUMES - Alien & Synth costumes (Player/Companion/Settler) and costumes for dogmeat (at Armorsmithing station.
  • Equip any item (Valentine) / any hat (Strong)


  • With the exception of Layering all other features of UCO are 100% player directed. Nothing is added to level lists or world locations and no NPC will spawn with any UCO changes enabled. All items will have the extra slots but these are always empty until the player chooses to modify an item (So you won't suddenly see Raiders with color swaps or ballistic weave upgrades).
  • AWKCR (either the All DLC version or the No-DLC version + the plugins for each DLC you have installed) MUST be active and above all UCO components in the load order before installing or updating UCO.
  • There are DLC plugins for UCO for Automatron, Far Harbor, Vault-Tec Workshop, and Nuka-World content.
  • Legendary effects can be moved to power armor pieces but legendary power armor effects will be lost if removed or if a legendary effect is applied onto the same piece.
  • If 1 or more features isn't working for you check that the UCO series (Base Game then Plugins) is AT THE BOTTOM of your load order with no other mods below it.
  • Some items will show a Color Swap menu but have no options - this isn't an error, it allows multiple mods & authors to provide swaps for items in future.
  • Pipboy color swap works on the craftable NPC Pipboys produced from this mod (listed Vault Tec Outfits). The player pipboy can also be color swapped by use of the enabler component (see instructions below). The Vault 88 Pipboys (if the Vault Tec DLC is installed) are not able to have color swap applied due to the way the game creates them as misc items that then spawn the real item only when equipped on an NPC. The craftable NPC pipboys can fill the same role but can be directly equipped (and unequipped on NPC's).


UCO was originally developed with XBox1 users in mind and therefore focused closely on providing a good range of customisation with the smallest file size possible. Thanks to some amazing work by Gambit77 UCO is now fully compatible with AWKCR and UCO can now be used with other AWKCR based mods (notably Armorsmith Extended) to provide an additive experience.

The UCO series includes the following files:

  • UCO (Base Game) - the primary component covering all clothing & armor in the basic game without any DLC
  • UCO (Automatron) - an addon to be used in addition to the Base Game component that adds support for items introduced in the Automatron DLC (which is required to use this component)
  • UCO (Far Harbor) - an addon to be used in addition to the Base Game component that adds support for items introduced in the Far Harbor DLC (which is required to use this component)
  • UCO (Vault Tec) - an addon to be used in addition to the Base Game component that adds support for items introduced in the Vault-Tec Workshop DLC (which is required to use this component)
  • UCO (Nuka-World) - an addon to be used in addition to the Base Game component that adds support for items introduced in the Nuka-World DLC (which is required to use this component)
  • UCO (Season Pass) - combines the Automatron, Far Harbor, Vault-Tec, and Nuka-World plugins into a single plugin - still requires the Base Game component to function.

  • UCO Morgan's Space Suit patch - a patch for the Creation Club Morgan's Space Suit item to add UCO functionality including a large number of color swaps to this item.
  • UCO Pipboy Color Swap Enabler - used to toggle the player pipboy to an editable state to allow color swap - should only be enabled when you want to actively change color swap from one pattern to another on the player pipboy - This component is no longer needed for for patch 1.10 of Fallout 4 as the ability to modify the Pipboy was added by Bethesda to support Creation Club sold Pip-Boy Paint Jobs. UCO's color swaps are therefore authomatically available on the player Pip-Boy (and the UCO constructed NPC Pip-Boys) using this base Bethesda system (and are compatible with the CC purchased skins as well in the unlikely event UCO users have purchased any of those).

Two related mod series that I originally developed for XB1 have also now been rolled into UCO - these are "Immersive Clothing Crafter" which forms part of the crafting feature and "Costume Party"/"Costume Party Coats Plus"/"Costume Party Gloves"/"Costume Party Wigs" which have now make up parts of the crafting and costume features of UCO.