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A simple change that prevents your companion from charging up your posterior at full speed whenever you enter stealth. Also slightly increases their follow distance. Now also prevents Dogmeat from entering player crosshairs every damn time you stop!

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Ever notice that no matter where they are, your companion tries to Archon Merge with you as soon as you crouch? This stops that. They crouch and stealth also, but they maintain their current distance.

But wait, there's more!

This also greatly reduces Dogmeat's zooming back and forth in front of you, especially when you're trying to (bleep)ing activate or loot something.

Version 4.2 is now an ESL-tagged ESP, sorry that took so long! No other changes from 4.1

Now available on Bethnet for XB1!

....and PS4

This mod combines well with Hotkeys and Companion Command and Tactics:

  • CCaT lets you change the distance companions follow you at. With this mod added, they'll maintain the distance you set with CCaT, whether you're sneaking or not.
  • All three distances you set with CCaT - Near, Medium, Far - are increased and spaced out slightly (whether sneaking or not).

CCaT restores functionality that Bethesda cut before release; highly recommended. Using all three mods, I have found exploring with a companion is a verrrrrry different experience than Vanilla!

And if your companions have been driving you nuts, you might also want to fix the bug where they won't shut up at your settlements!

There's also a mod by UlithiumDragon that prevents Dogmeat from opening doors, which may interest you.

You might also wish your companions were More Smarter. Deathlock47 can help you with that.


If you've never installed a mod before, you must first follow these instructions.

Using NMM: click the button, do the thing, you know the drill.

Manually: download the file and unzip it with something like 7-zip. Drag the .esp file into your Fallout 4\Data directory, activate the .esp as you would any other, and you're all set!

Thanks to The White Collar Players for their review! You can find this mod reviewed right after, appropriately, FO4 Hotkeys and CCaT near the end of the segment, but watch the whole thing to learn about some more QoL mods you may not know about!

Massive credit also goes to Wenderer for his FOMOD Creation Tool.
This thing is awesome and saves a TON of time getting stuff packed up.


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