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You may notice that in vanilla game there only two primary damage types: physical and energy. And that despite the fact that we have flamethrower, cryo gun and electricity things. More than that in game data already exist damage types for fire, cold and electricity, and also there is damage icons. So i decide to change things a little bit.

Fire with fire! Freez with cold! Kill all humans!

TS;WR (too short; want to read)
What exactly does it do? This mod changes damage type for some weapons from energy to fire or cryo, depends on weapon. As you may, or may not, noticed in game despite the description of weapon and visual appearance in item stats damage shown as energy. Now weapon that supposed to put target in flames will be processed by game as fire damage type weapon, like molotov or flamer, and cryolator will do cry damage. To balance new damage types this mod also adds elemental resist values to power armor and armor pieces. Also armor pieces can be enhanced to better resist for fire or cryo damage at armorsmith bench, like it does with radiation or energy enhancements.

FOMOD installation, package include:
  • Language: English; Russian;
  • DLC:
             - Automatron
  • Compability patches:
             - Better Item Sorting (.esp version);
             - Weapon Balance Overhaul;
             - Craftable Armor Size;
             - Hermetic Power Armor
  • Featured fixes:
             - CryoFreezFix

See also:

Electrical damage imitating script not effect on damage sources rather than grenades and mines. Things like weapon modifications stun stun batons processed by game as energy damaging weapons. Mod may have pretty low compatibility because it alters explosions, object effects, object modifications etc, see in FO4Edit for red lines if you want to know how it compatible with your load list.

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