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Knowledge is power. Gives you seven objects to create a library that will support your settlement.

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Gives you various library bookcases that support your settlement.
They will support things like your food output, your defense or your income.
To create them you need 2 overdue books, as well as some burnt ones.
The don't require a person to maintain but work in a passive way.
Found in the Resources / Misc section

Geography Collection: Increased vendor income and scavenging rate
Military Collection Shelf:  +5 Safety
Trade and Commerce Shelf: Increased vendor income
Miscellaneous Shelf: Either +3 Food + 1 Water or +2 Food +2 Happiness + Safety
Novel and Comics section: +15 Happiness
Science collection: +1 Food +1 Water +5 Scavenging output

1.3 Fixed a physics issue with the Misc02 Shelf
1.2 Repackaged everything into BA2 Archives
Fixed a marker issue, facing left instead of central
A shelf was falling through the floor. This got fixed.
1.1 A library shelf had weird havoc on it, when you re-placed it. Fixed