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Scratch built Valerian Armor for Fallout 4

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I am back with yet again another mod and this time my 2nd Armor mod for Fallout 4. While the first time around was mostly painless I found that with this full body armor and the detailed pieces on it I had to spend a bit more time in outfit studio cleaning up the paint weights. Regardless though I had a fun time modeling and texturing it as that is really the main excuse I even make mods in the first place: to just model stuff I can bring to life and play around with in the game. I see this armor as another milestone in my progress as a mod author as I slowly but surely am crossing off my list (a very large one at that) of mods I want to bring to life. I'm happy I've made it this far and many seem to be enjoying my work, hopefully this one won't disappoint either.

Valerian Armor design comes from the movie "Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets'. While its debatable how good the movie is as a whole it was indisputable to me how awesome the armor that Laureline wore looked. I knew after seeing the movie I was like "I'm gunna make that a mod for Fallout 4 one day" and thus it was. This Battle Armor is versatile for Space, Land, and Sea. Its sophisticated fiber weave and metal composition makes it so its not too heavy but also will provide the user with enough protection and flexibility. Speaking of space, while we are probably still a few years away this is one mod I would love to port of to Starfield when that game comes out. Of course we would need the proper mod tools available so I could convert my Armor but I really hope I can for that game. A Space game with this Armor is something I'd really like, until then it will be for Fallout 4.

The Armor uses the CBBE Curvy body as a default. If you want a different shape the bodyslide sliders are included in the download of the mod for you to customize. This armor mod is only for the female body. All of the textures are mostly 2k with a few 1k ones.

To obtain this armor there are 3 ways you can obtain it:
  • Using the console command to search for it: "help Valerian 4"
  • With this nifty mod called esp explorer menu you can search for the esp and directly add the armor to your inventory (you don't need this for my mod but really useful when you just want items)
  • Craft the armor suit from the chemistry lab

As a bonus the armor suit contains several color palettes to choose from. At the Armor Workbench you will see a color option where you can choose the option you want. You can also adjust the glow colors or even turn it off if you choose. I do want to point out the Purple Mystical color set will require double the resources. It is the most rare of all the choices (becasue I wanted it to be).

Q: Can I make a video/review about your mod?
A: Yes! I will never have any issues about anyone wanting to review my mods.

Q: Can I take content from your armor and alter/reupload it?
A: Please talk to me first if there is something you want to alter and re-upload on the nexus that requires one of the original files in this mod. I don't really want 52 different variants of my armor all over the place. If you are looking to make patches and/or translations to make it work for other mods those are always ok to create.

Q: Help! The belt textures on the armor seem to be dull. What is wrong?
A: This is a really simple fix which is not actually a bug from my armor but Fallout 4 itself. Some reason Fallout 4 has a bug where the cubemaps will not load in. So you may have to start the game again (I've had to restart it 3 times one time) to get the cubemaps to work correctly.

Q: I don't really like your armor's design/model/textures Can you change these?
A: Sorry to disappoint you on the quality in one aspect or another but I made everything from scratch. I will not and cannot use copyright material so everything on this armor was made strictly by me. I am personally happy with the way the armor suit looks. If you have a betterdesign or armor want made the tools and resources are out there for you to create what you desire if you look for them.

Q: The armor is invisible or has pink textures, how do I fix this?
A: Make sure to follow this guide: Here

Q: Will you have a xbox version?
A: I do not have any plans for my mods to be on xbox really. Usually the file sizes are very large and I don't personally play Fallout 4 on xbox. I primarily play games like Fallout and Elder Scrolls on pc and as a result support pc mods as that is where I play with them and can test them. I am not saying never but as of now I just want my mods on Nexus. Please do not port them to Bethesda.net, if I decide for a xbox version I will do the porting work myself.

Known Bug: There will be slight clipping or weird deformation on the armor when your character goes into more extreme poses. I did the best I could with paint weights to make the armor suit be as clean as possible for most normal positions.

Known Bug: Pipboy will clip through part of the arm in 3rd person. You can use a mod like Pip-Pad or hide the Pipboy from 3rd person to resolve this issue.

Known Bug: Long Hair will clip into the armor, this is common with any long hair and armors.

Valerian Armor Development:
3D Modeling: N7R
Textures: N7R
Creation Kit/Outfit Studio hookup: N7R

Special Thanks:
Thank you to all who provide tools, resources, and tutorials. They really do make a big difference because this armor is a result of that. So whenever you are creating a tutorial it really does make a big difference in helping others make mods.

Another mod release means after a week or so I would be moving to production of my next mod. This time however I'll be taking a mini-break while I sort some stuff out in the background first. I am doing some back-end organization/cleanup, creating some art resources that will give me more assets to work with, and looking into some different software tools to use or integrate into my workflow pipeline. While I don't expect to be 'on break' too many weeks I really have been wanting to do some of these things for a few months now. The best time is when I'm not in the middle of a project and won't be disrupting any in-progress workflow i might have had. So until next time see you later and enjoy the new Armor mod..

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