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Significant performance increase for All Settlements Extended at Bunker Hill and Hangman's Alley.

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It is no secret that walking around Bunker Hill or Hangman's Alley with ASE installed can be a huge drag. This mod aims to fix that, returning performance back to their normal levels in these areas.

See Example Video:

Two systems tested, one high end, one lower end.

High end:

Lower end:

This mod requires the latest Complete version of ASE. Currently on 2.0.2. Doesn't work with the No Bunker or Hangman versions.

It also has to be loaded after ASE. A mod manager should automatically detect this.

Once installed, visit both locations and make sure everything is the way it is supposed to be before saving your game and keeping the mod.
Things to watch out for:

-Do you have a build already there? Is it actually there or did it disappear/cell reset.
-Flashes of objects flickering around
-Bad performance

In my tests, I didn't have these issues. 

ESL option?
Not available for a mod like this. ESL is loaded before ESP, and ASE has to be loaded first.

But my load order is maxed out!
That sucks. I recommend the ASE no Bunker Hill or Hangman's Alley version then. lol

Why a whole new mod page?
This is one I debated back and forth on. Ultimately I decided not to just throw it into ASE if it didn't fully work for everyone. ASE is kind of big and I don't want to destroy everyone's games if it didn't work out. If this mod proves successful I may incorporate it into ASE in the future. For me, it works. Can't say that for everyone.

Do I need this?
If you want good performance... then yes? Actually, no one's asking this question lol

Xbox? PS4?

Ps4? No, can't. Xbox, yes in the future. I want some PC testing time first.

This mod modifies the Bunker Hill and Hangman's Alley extended settlement cells with only ASE in mind. Mods that work with ASE should work fine around there.

Thanks to GroteGrottrol for help on some testing!