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I got tired of Thicket Excavations being a hole in the ground!

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The outpost settlement comes complete with trading booths, crafting stations, farm, slave pens, and an arena to throw those crazy settlers in with a deathclaw. You can use this blue print without having to clear out anything really. A small section of stair will need some doctoring as it is doubled up with original stair. Used DFEP power fuse boxes for passive power. Will need to wire up the Beta emitter though but, at least you can switch it on and off for fun with the arena.

This is my first attempt at modding or blueprinting so, yeah. Best thing is to change your reputation with the raiders so you can use the blueprint and have raiders their already! Once you are ready to have the raiders mad at you again, just change your rep again for an angry mob to greet you!

Lurk cages on the quarry floor are still there and add flavor. There is room to add what you want, even an extra floor under the settlement. Food and water are included as well as a few guard posts. No other defenses though. I figured people would like to spruce it up the way they would want it. Please let me know if you are wanting to improve it. Would like to see where it goes!