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Adds more snap points for all solid foundations. Also allows you snap a rubber mats to the floor and each other.

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This mod is a part of Wasteland Workshop Evolved (WWE)

You may also want to check my other mods from WWE set:
Cleaner Concrete - a cleaner look for all concrete block.
Glazing - allows you to glaze window frames in your concrete wall blocks.
Decent Elevators - adds a better floor for the workshop elevators.
Canopies - adds canopies with physics (wind sway animation).
Relight - revamp for the workshop lights.

Adds more snaps for all solid foundations. To 25% and 50% of the block height. It wont add anything new to build, it will alter existing blocks. This wont affect anything you've already built and it wont affect anything you've built using it after removal. Also because warehouse and barn foundations were 100% identical (don't argue, I've seen the mesh), I've made for one of them a concrete lower part instead of the bricks. This will give you a concrete foundation with a stone floor.

Ability to snap rubber floor mats from Vault-Tec DLC on the solid floor blocks. Mesh blocks are not included as building one of these you probably want to have mesh anyway. It adds 5 snap points on a big and small blocks and 2 points on half blocks (barn and warehouse only). So what you can snap exactly? Good question. On a big floor you can snap a big mat (1) obviously and a medium mats (4). On a small floor you can snap a medium mat (1) and a small mats (4). And on the half block you can snap only two medium type mats. Want to cover a big area in a matter of few seconds? No problem. Take a big floor blocks and a big mats. It will be done in no time. Want to make letters or maybe pictures of mats? I have no idea why would someone want to do this, but now you can. Take a small blocks and a small mats and do your crazy stuff already. However you plan to use this I think you got the idea.
Starting from v1.2 you can also snap mats to each other in every way possible.

Optional Fully Concrete Foundation will replace original concrete foundation block with a fully conrete version. With all the features of a basic mod it will give you a solid concrete floor without gaps. This is partly a compatibility patch for my Cleaner Concrete mod. Install it last and overwrite when asked. Be advised though. This block has a bigger height and you will need to resnap it to the proper position. Nothing extraordinary hard though. I've done this in less than a minute for one building.

For all that crazy ideas of yours there is a Fully Concrete Foundation - Stackable option. With all the features of a basic mod, but with ability to snap one block on another (stack 'em). You can put it right above or shift 50% in any direction. This version is a replacer and will replace concrete foundation blocks
only. I see no point to make any other block stackable. It would look really weird. So you'll have to go with that. :P

Misc download allows you to snap your industrial water pumps to each other for a perfectly aligned placement.

An AIO version includes everything from all downloads. It will allow you to build all the additional blocks without the need to choose.

More Blocks misc download will add new half-sized versions of concrete (fully concrete), barn and warehouse foundation blocks. In a total of 4 different types. All of them are snapable and two of them are also stackable. In case you gonna build that wall you've always dreamed about.
Because it actually adds things, it includes an esp. There is no way around this. I've made a scraping for these blocks return you all used materials, so you can always scrap that crap you've built and remove it without loosing anything, but time you spent.

Check "Required files".

For installation use NMM as usual. There is no .esp and scripts. It's a simple mesh replacer and it wont affect your saves. Install optional download after main and overwrite when asked. Use only one optional at once! You have to choose.

Just remove it and move along. Nothing will dissapear and nothing will fall apart. You will only loose those super-powers this mod gives you.

Enjoy! Or not.