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Patches for compatibility between the awesome Auto Doors mod and other mods with doors

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This is a collection of patches to add Auto Doors functionality to other mods that provide doors. These mods simply adds the required Auto Doors keywords to the doors provided by the DLC and other mods. Some of the mods have their own Auto Doors patches, but I wanted to provide these files for other combinations of mods

Currently there are MANY different combinations of patches offered. Some mods included are Homemaker, Snap & Build, Thematic and Practical, G2M Workshop, Vanilla Extensions, Box Houses, Pipes Galore, Settlement Objects Expanded and more that I'm certainly forgetting.

All files are simple .esp files with no external assets.

To install, drop the esp in your Fallout 4\Data folder.
To uninstall, remove the esp from your Fallout 4\Data folder.