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Plant fresh produce and make 15 newish meals from the 6 foods at Vault 81. Obtained through small quest.
ESL version available.

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Simple mod, but you know I can't give you something without it making sense.


Adds 6 fresh versions of the produce of the game (Tato, Gourd, Melon, Razorgrain, Corn, and Carrots) and adds 15 foods to cook with them. Nothing really new, just fresh versions with better effects. I'm sure there's other mods that do this but this one does it right, making it obtainable through quest. See below.

They are all able to be planted in the ground.

The Quest

Fresh & Easy will pop up, follow that. Basic short quest. There is only one place in the Commonwealth to find all these fresh produce items. Do what you must to obtain them. I don't give them to you, you go find them. That's what I meant by it making sense. More immersive and stuff. Take them and grow more and more.

Requires no DLC.

ESL Note

There is an ESP and ESL version of this mod in the files tab. The ESL version does not count towards your total load order. However, it is a Master file and will automatically be placed at the top of your load order with the DLC and ESM files.
ESL files can be enabled in game in the Mods/Load Order screen. Not sure if Nexus MM can see ESL files, mine as of posting this (latest update) can not.

And that's about it.


10-23-17 | Initial Upload -1.0