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The intimidating Hellfire Power Armor from Fallout 3's Broken Steel DLC, finally lands in the Commonwealth.

Now patched to 0.2

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War. War never changes.In the year 2277, we made our presence known to the citizens of D.C.; the Capital of our once beautiful country lay in ashes,lead to ruination at the hands of the common rabble. Under the orders of President John Henry Eden, we sought to bring order to the wasteland, by force, if necessary. Our vertibirds took ownership of the sky, the ground trembled beneath our mechanized boots.The Black Devil pushed raiders and mutants alike into hiding, a lethal force under the command of our officers.

The loss of our president was tragic, the loss of the purifier even more so, yet we push forward. Under the order of Colonel Augustus Autumn, we retreated, rallying at Adams Airforce Base. The Brotherhood is coming, and I will die for my country; but the ground will run crimson with the blood of treasonous scum. Let them come, let them burn, may they understand the fury of the Enclave, we will cleanse the ruins of our beautiful home with the heat of Hellfire.

One Enclave, One America. - PFC Daniel Donnehue

<The Road to Liberty Team was formed with a single goal; to bring professional quality content to your game. The last patch in a Bethesda Game Studios title does not mean the end of it's shelf life, neither does a completion of the storyline. Cohesive quality across releases, visual parity with vanilla art-style and quality, and groundbreaking gameplay features are what we aim for.

Our community means the world to us, and we take their opinions very seriously, so feel free to get involved with the developers and say hi at: https://discord.gg/M6jPuC6

Installation of this module is simple, regardless of platform. Simply navigate to the files section of this page and download the latestarchive. You'll need winrar, 7zip, or other archive unzipper of your choice. Extract the contents of the archive to your Fallout 4 data folder, enable the module in your mod manager of choice, and start the game!

Here at Road to Liberty, we take testing seriously. We have a dedicated channel for quality assurance, to ensure a smooth integration into your game; however, we cannot guarantee compatibility with all other modules for Fallout: 4. We have not discovered any major conflicts with any of our testers extensive load orders, but we ask that you do load this module after any others that modify Power Armor.

Bethesda Game Studios-For the furthered development and care offered to the Fallout franchise and its fanbase.

Unoctium-Principle programmer and Creative Director

DogtoothCG-Principle Artist and World Builder

RoyBatty, Hopper31, StealthsuitMKII, Branabus, Vicyorus, TheNissonian, Tgspy, and others for providing invaluable feedback during out Quality Assurance phase

Coldfire Design by StealthSuitMkII

Brimstone Design by Branabus

The Nexus, Twitter, and other Fallout communities that have waited so patiently for our releases.