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This MOD is Add All Factions Paintjob for Hellfire X-03 Power Armor.
(BOS, Minutemen, Rail Road, Institute, Etc.)

Permissions and credits
Sorry, I'm poor at English Language. Pardon me, Please.

This MOD is Add All Factions Paintjob for Hellfire X-03 Power Armor, made by unoctium.
Added Paintjob :
- Brothers Of Steel
- Minutemen
- Rail Road
- Institute
- Scorched Sierra (from NV Lonesome Road)
- U.S. Army
- BOS Outcast(NEW)
- Reilly's Ranger(NEW)
- Talon Company(NEW)
- BOS Lyon's Pride(NEW)

# All Paintjob applies to Factory Model only.

Now you can enjoy them with XBOX One version in Bethesda.net
Converted by chucksteel, Thank you.
X-03 Power Armor - All Factions Paintjob By assultdragon[XB1]
X-03 Power Armor - Rail Road Paintjob By assultdragon [XB1]
X-03 Power Armor - Institute Paintjob By assultdragon [XB1]
X-03 Power Armor - BoS Paintjob By assultdragon [XB1]
X-03 Power Armor - Minutemen Paintjob By assultdragon [XB1]
X-03 Power Armor - Scorched Sierra Paintjob By assultdragon [XB1]
X-03 Power Armor - U.S. Army Paintjob By assultdragon [XB1]

Requested and Suggested from Wickermick
And seventhdayavenged gave me help and support.
Use Brotherhood of Steel Rank, Made by kokoda39

Minutemen Requested and Suggested from ohmy101.

Rail Road Made for Balance.

Institute Requested and Suggested from mind236
And broxwel gave to me Good Advice and support.

Scorched Sierra Requested from H2Velociraptor.

U.S. Army Requested from Senturos.

BOS Outcast Requested from tgpomy and H2Velociraptor and Wickermick.

Reilly's Ranger and Talon Company Requested from H2Velociraptor.

BOS Lyon's Pride Requested from MrBlueBeetle22.

This MOD is Retexture for Hellfire X-03 Power Armor, made by unoctium.
So, You Must Install Hellfire X-03 Power Armor First.

1.1 Patch Up!
Fix "Unable Minutemen Paintjob BUG". (Sorry About that)

1.2 Update.
- Add BOS Lyon's Pride Paintjob.
- Add Talon Company Paintjob.
- Add Reilly's Ranger Panitjob.
- Add BOS Outcast Paintjob.

1. Extracting the File, and drop all files to DATA folder and overwrite them.
2. Add the following lines to your "Fallout4Custom.ini" file located in "Documents\My Games\Fallout4":

This MOD is All-in-One MOD, So If you just want use some of them, 
Install Optional File Without Main File or check My Another Retexture MOD

Check My Another Retexture MOD For Your PowerArmor.