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Concrete Walls with Window Glass updated and with more walls

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This is an updated version of cartman1975s Concrete Walls with Window Glass mod.
It can be used alongside the original but this is Not recommended.
cartman1975s Walls are not replaced.

Special thanks to cartman1975 for letting me remake this mod and for the assets he let me use and modify.

Thank you.

What This Mod Does

The mod adds new concrete walls some with glass windows.

It also adds glass ceilings new roofs, and a whole lot more.

Some one-way glass window walls.

It also adds concrete walls without the metal frames.

Update 1.5


large glass pane

Solid Concrete doorway

Solid Concrete half wall

Solid Concrete curved wall

Solid Concrete pillar

tilted Concrete roof


Fixed the Navmesh for the Small Floor foundation

Altered the glass texture to make it more like the in game glass and a little less dirty


The new roof needs a little bit of work, but it looks good and I think fits well.
I also found a curved wall that was part of the Wasteland Workshop DLC but was not used.
I have added it to the build menu, but it's a bit of a odd shape so you may have to play around with it a bit.

Wasteland Workshop

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