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Quests have faction and radiant tags
Les quêtes sont préfixée d'un tag de faction et de récurrence
Las misiones se prefijan con etiqueta de facción y recurrencia.

Permissions and credits
  • Turkish
  • Russian
  • German

Quests Tags - Factions, Radiants and more
( Previously : Factions and Radiant Quests Tags )

with DEF_UI / DEF_INV & DLCs support
( more at the `compatibility` section )

[FR] Pour les francophone : cette page est traduite dans le fichier Lisez-Moi et brièvement dans l'article Tags de faction et de récurrence des quêtes


This mod adds prefixes to quests that allows to identify :
- Game and DLCs quests
- Factions or major groups associated quests
- whether it is a radiant quest (or not)
(see the "TAGS" section below for more details)

Features :
- Light plugins (ESL flagged ESPs)
- Tags & Icons : Factions and radiant quests identification (discontinued : full word or shorts tags)
- Sorting mods support : No sorting mod at all / BBS / VIS / VIS-G / Other cases
- DLCs : seperated   &   all in one
- UFO4P and various other mods support

DEF_UI  by both Neanka & Valdacil is required to display the icons (without, you will get the tags instead)


This mod is FOMOD-ready, which means you can perform an automatic installation with Vortex (or any other mod manager like NMM / MO2).
Using a mod manager is highly recommanded
... but for those of you who prefer the manual method : take  a close look to the README file !

#1 install the main plugin (and eventually the patches you'll need)
#2 (if existing) install 3rd party patches


- Icons for sorting mods : BBS, VIS, VIS-G, Simplified Sorting, FallUI Item Sorter 
- DLC : Automatron, Far Harbor, Nuka World, Vault-Tec Workshop
- FallUI - HUD
Integrated patches :
- Unofficial Fallout 4 Patches ( UFO4P )  v2.1.2
- Keep Commonwealth Radiant quests within the Commonwealth (aka: No DLC vanilla radiants) v1.11
- Keep Radiants in the Commonwealth v1.2
- Nuka World - Skip raiding your own settlements (aka : Skip Home Sweet Home) v1.6.3
- Radrose Usability Enhancements - Improved DEF_UI plus VIS patch collection v2.7.5
- VIS-G and FallUI Item Sorter Hybrid (choose : FallUI Item Sorter - VIS-G - Hybrid tag configuration )

3rd party patches :
- @obsolete : ALLDLC-EN Replacer compatible with  Unofficial Fallout 4 Patches ( UFO4P) v2.0.7  by ezfreee   here : @MEGA Cloud Storage

Should be compatible with  :  ( just make sure to put them after QuestsTags esps & QuestsTags Patches )
- Disable Minuteman Radiant Quests
- One Minutemen Radiant Quest At A Time
Disable Radiant From ALL Factions


Probably not compatible with any other mod that changes/tweaks/fixes Vanilla or DLCs quests alsow covered by this mod.
Any changes made by others mods will be "rollbacked" to FO4 Vanilla quest mecanism until I, or others, provides patches.
@see "compatibility" section above for details.


\ Game & DLCs commons
* Brotherhood of Steel : [Brotherhood]
* Diamond City : [DiamondCity]
* Institute : [Institute]
* Minutemen : [Minutemen]
* RailRoad : [Railroad]
* Vaults : [Vault+num]
* Companions : [Companion]
* Side quests : [Quest]

\ Commonwealth specific quests (FO4)
* Main Quest : [MainQuest]
* Cabot Storyline : [Cabot]
* Goodneighbor : [Goodneighbor]

\ DLC01 Automatron
* Automatron : [Robot]

\ DLC03 Far Harbor
* Main Quest : [FarHarbor]
* Acadia : [Acadia]
* Nucleus/Atom's childs : [Atom]
* Harbormens : [Harbor]

\ DLC04 Nuka World

* Main Quest : [NukaWorld]
* Raids : [Raid]
* Secondary quests : [Nuka]

If the quest is a radiant one, the faction tag will be followed by a plus symbol (+).

Examples :
-- primary quests
[Brotherhood] Call to Arms
[Minutemen] When Freedom Calls

-- radiant quests
[Brotherhood]+ Quartermastery
[Minutemen]+ Defend <Alias=ActualLocation>
[Minutemen]+ The First Step

A huge THANK YOU to Neanka for the way the tags replacement was implemented !

And thank's to :
- modders who gave permission for the additionnal patches
- all reporters who helps tracking mistakes


Any other case (correction, extentions, ...) requires a prior discussion and my consent;
depending on the case, you may become a co-author.