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About this mod

A DLC-sized, haunted amusement park quest mod. Fully voiced acted, with new weapons like the heavy incinerator and fireworks cannon, monsters, multiple endings, new companions, and much much more!

Permissions and credits
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  • Mandarin
Located just a few miles from Boston, Maxwell’s World was once a place of joy. The biggest amusement park in the country, Mister Maxwell dedicated his fortunes and life to making everyone’s time at Maxwell’s World as happy as possible. Then the bombs fell and it all went to shit.
Now, the park lies open, shrouded in legend and danger. A thousand myths say that Maxwell hid a treasure, deep inside the control center of the park, just waiting to be reclaimed by some wasteland.
Unfortunately, a thousand more myths say that something happened to Maxwell’s World. They tell tales of shambling skeletons in the park that attack anything in sight, robots that find you and force-feed you hot dogs, of the rides coming to life and devouring those inside. There are some that say that Maxwell traded his soul to keep the park running, and not even the apocalypse stopped that.
All anyone knows, is that whoever enters Maxwell’s World, never leaves. Because the park isn’t just open. It’s alive.

Maxwell’s World is my horror quest mod for Fallout 4, that finds the Sole Survivor trapped in the twisted amusement park known as Maxwell’s World. Teaming up with a group of survivors, the player leads a last ditch expedition through the park, in an attempt to uncover just what happened to the park, and how to escape.
Maxwell’s World features an emphasis on multiple paths and resource management! The park is malicious and out to claim your soul, and will happily give you cursed resources to further than end. Carefully manage what you’ve brought with you, or take the plunge and use the tainted weapons and aid that Maxwell gives you! Aspects of the quest change based on your dialogue as well. Take sides among your companions, learn their histories, uncover secrets, and watch as the end of park changes to match your perspective!

-A seven part quest of survival and fright, with more than four different endings, that reacts and changes based on your choices during the main quest.
-An entire new world space, Maxwell’s World, with over five completely different sections, hidden detail, and much much more.
-Three new companions, fully voiced with their combat styles, and miniquests.
-Brand new gameplay elements! 
  • In Maxwell’s World, the things you find are tainted and can affect both enemies and the quest. Consume them if you dare, or focus on using the precious little non-cursed resources you brought with you! 
  • Animated ride bosses! Malevolent bumper cars and serpentine rollercoasters are out to kill you! These juggernauts are scattered throughout the park, and can come to life at any time! Some say that there are weapons in the park that can deal with them, but you risk losing your soul to Maxwell’s influence!
  • The Presence. A mysterious entity that travels around the park, bringing the rides to life and causing machines to go haywire. Reroute power to different parts of the park to draw it away, or risk its wrath for the comforts electricity brings you!
  • Minigames! Shooting galleries, robot fights, and more
-New enemies. Face off against deranged animatronics, living rides, ghoulified mascots, and the terrifying Revelers; those guests before you whose souls were claimed, now forever cursed to wander the park in great armies.
-New weapons! From firework cannons, rayguns, mallets, to the triumphant return of Fallout 3's heavy incinerators.
-A new clown paintjob for power armor.

Make SURE your game has the ability to load loose files. If it isn't already, in your Fallout4.ini file, make sure you have bInvalidateOlderFiles=1 under the [Archive] section.
When you first start the game, you will receive a radio broadcast and the quest will start. From there, things shall become clear. (Mod conflicts can prevent the radio from working, if this occurs an alternate start method is to read the note outside the Old Bunker)
Companions WILL NOT work with the mod. They will be kicked out, and you will gain three shiny new companions instead.

WILL THIS MOD BE ON CONSOLE???? (x100 times)
yes: https://bethesda.net/en/mods/fallout4/mod-detail/2938497
Note that the console version is locked at 2.0.4d. It works, and trying to keep the console version updated alongside the PC version is far more hassle than it's worth.
Is the player voice acted?
No. We considered mashups of existing vanilla lines but much of the dialogue is too specialized and it wasn’t a priority in the first place. The dialogue acts similar to Fallout 3 and New Vegas for now. If you complain about this, then let’s face it you weren’t going to download the mod in the first place, so we don’t give a damn about you.

What requirements are there?
A minimum Level of 30 is recommended.
In terms of hardware, Maxwell’s World is very detailed, and the player can be expected to fight very large groups of enemies. A good computer is recommended, otherwise you’ll encounter slowdowns and a lot of lag.

For maximum stability, we strongly recommend using Buffout 4, The Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch, and the Previsibines Repair Pack, though they are not required.

Will companions work with the mod?
While they WOULD, companions will be kicked out at the start of the mod, so don’t bother bringing them. The player will have three companions within the mod itself however.

Is this lore friendly?
While we tried to make it fit into the game world, lore takes a backseat to fun and skeletons. Let’s face it, that stuff is more important anyway, and anyone who wanders around the park yelling “AM DIS LORE FRIEND???” is going to get eaten by a bumpercar.

Are there any conflicts with existing mods?
Maxwell’s World is mostly self-contained within its own little microcosm of society. That being said, a few cells in the worldspace (notably Natick Banks’s warehouse, east of the Boston Police Rationing Site, and two cells on the north and west border. There should be limited conflicts.
This mod does integrate Niero’s Fireworks Cannon (which was originally made for the mod), but includes extra mods and effects not originally featured in that mod.

Maxwells World conflicts with XDI, use this patch: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/57010

Sector Five: Rise and Fall conflicts due to using the same radio frequency. You can instead start Maxwells World by interacting with the note outside the abandoned bunker, rather than using the radio to start it.

Galac-Tac Retribution places a building at the same place as Gale's Bunker and blocks entrance.

Not compatible with Amazing Follower Tweaks, the mod relies on you having only one companion at a time.

Nuka World Plus and Maxwell’s World both use the same radio frequency, just use the note outside Gales Bunker to start the quest instead of the radio if the radio doesn’t work.

Niero, for modeling the fireworks cannon, mallet, heavy incinerator, and raygun. 
Kos, for modeling the rides and most other resources
Buffscale, for rigging the rides and a few additional clothing resources
Additional resources: VISabertoothVI and TehDave, m150 and Jets 
Voice Acting: Andrew Dickson (voice of Stoat), Squeakmooch (voice of Gale), Adoxographist (voice of Jenna), Nick Neverodd (voice of Wallace), skinnytechboy (voice of Mister Maxwell), McKenzie Wilson (voice of Andrea)
Special thanks to: All the testers, especially Cidermuffin.

2.0 and onward updates by DarthVitrial