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Improves companions and their game-play.

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I realized that none of the companions behave like they are supposed to. Their weapon switching conditions are irregular. They only use 1H weapons and even that is random. They don't use Fist weapons and 2H weapons automatically. Also, if I want them to use a shotgun at melee range and a rifle at long range, I cannot do so. Now to change all of this I made this mod. And while making it, I added few perks to make them strong and unique in their own way.


This mod does the following to the companions :

+ Adds missing perks.
+ Adds specialty perks.
+ Adds utility perks.
+ Adds fall damage immunity.
+ Adds unlimited ammo and unbreakable power armor functionality.
+ Adds auto teleportation when out of combat.
+ Allows player to modify companion distance.
+ Allows player to change companion aggressiveness.
+ Allows player to summon any companion.
+ Allows player to view companion stats.
+ Allows companions to automatically recover when they go down regardless of the game difficulty.
+ Allows companions to switch between primary and secondary weapons in combat.
! Fixes sneaking.
! Improves gun accuracy.
! Improves affinity perks.
! Improves bumping. They will move away from player faster and further.
! Reduces gun-bashing frequency.
! Improves combat.

All companions are supported, including DLC.




All humanoid companions have had their accuracy bonus increased from 60% to 75%.
All companions now have specialization perks and utility perks.

Companion specializations are as follows : (20% damage bonus to their specialized weapons)
Cait Hand2Hand/2H Melee Weapons, Shotguns/Pipe Weapons
Curie Plasma Weapons, Gamma/Poison Weapons
Danse Heavy Weapons, Laser Weapons
Deacon 1H Melee Weapons, Rifles
Hancock 1H Melee Weapons, Shotguns/Pipe Weapons
MacCready Shotguns, Rifles
Valentine Pistols, Gamma/Poison Weapons
Piper 1H Melee Weapons, Pistols
Garvey Laser Weapons, Rifles
Strong Hand2Hand/Melee Weapons, Heavy Weapons
X6-88 Laser Weapons, Plasma Weapons
Longfellow Hand2Hand/2H Melee Weapons, Rifles
Gage Heavy Weapons, Rifles

Companion utility perks are as follows :
Cait 15% chance to cripple her enemy limbs with shotgun, paralyze her enemy with 2H or stagger her enemy with Hand2Hand weapons.
Codsworth Burns enemies for 10 damage per second for 3 seconds.
Curie Increases damage taken by her enemy by 15%. Has 30% chance to heal herself for 15% of max health when getting hit.
Danse Reflects 30% melee damage. 30% chance to absorb incoming bullets.
Deacon 30% critical chance.
Dogmeat Decreases damage done by his enemy by 15%.

Hancock Movement and reload speed increased by 50%. Heals himself for 30% of max health on every enemy kill.
MacCready Double damage to enemies below 30% health.
Valentine 30+(Intelligence)% chance to shut down robots on command. Has 30 seconds cooldown on every use.
Piper 30+(Charisma)% chance to calm and incite animals to attack on command.
Garvey 30+(Charisma)% chance to intimidate humans on command.
Strong Receives 30% less damage. Melee/Hand2Hand attacks now hit all enemies in front of him.
X6-88 30% chance to become invisible and immune to damage for 5 seconds when getting hit.
Ada Electrocutes enemies for 10 damage per second for 3 seconds.
Longfellow 30+(Charisma)% chance to calm creatures on command.
Gage 30% chance of enemies exploding into shower of caps. 30% chance of chain explosion.

Companion affinity perks are as follows : (most of the conditions have been removed)
Cait +25% action point regeneration.
Codsworth +20% ballistic damage.
Curie -20% incoming damage, +50 Poison/Radiation Resistance.
Danse +20% damage against non-human opponents.
Deacon +20% sneak attack damage, +50% stealth boy duration.
Hancock +20% faster critical rate.
MacCready +20% improved accuracy in VATS.
Valentine +1 hacking guess, -50% terminal lockout cooldown and -20% VATS AP cost.
Piper Buying and selling prices are +20% better. Persuasion chances increased by +20%.
Garvey +5% damage and +5 Damage/Energy Resistance for every opponent upto +20.
Strong +20% melee/unarmed damage.
X6-88 +20% energy damage.
Longfellow +25% EXP.
Gage +20% explosives/heavy weapons damage.

Now we can assign a short range weapon, a medium range weapon and a long range weapon to our companion. They will equip the corresponding weapons according to the distance.

To assign the primary and secondary weapons, do the following :
- Equip a weapon on a companion.
- Open Better Companions Configuration Holotape.
- Select corresponding companion name.
- Select short/medium/long as you see fit.

For custom companions :- Recruit them first. Register them via Companions Configuration - Custom - Register Custom Companions. Then do as stated above.



1. Download the updated files and overwrite with the existing files. Go in the game and check if its working properly.


1. Stop the mod via going into holotape -> Mod Maintenance -> Stop OR Type "stopquest tpBCAIQuest" in console. Save your game.
2. Deactivate mod and delete it.


NOT compatible with any mods that alter companion combat behavior.
Compatible with all other mods.
Load this mod at the very end of your load order.
NoSharedDogmeatTemplate needs to be loaded before all the mods that affect dogmeat (including this one).