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Standalone FN Five-seveN.

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  • Russian
Standalone FN Five-seveN.

update 2.1c

- Pip-boy light should work properly while five seven without lam is equipped.

update 2.1b

- Crafting the gun should no longer crash the game.
- Fixed green reflex scope

update 2.1

- Five Seven is craftable at the chemstation
- 5.7mm ammo is craftable, has slight damage increase and is armor-piercing
- added new flashlight color
- invisible weapon bug should be resolved


I reworked the mod.

Remove older version before installing.

The weapon can be found in the Root Cellar in Sanctuary Hills.


- It now scales with the perks
- It can use 10mm,5mm or .308 ammo
- Added fire mode, semi-automatic and full-automatic
- LAM now works as a flashlight
- it can use multiple receivers, grips, magazines and sights
- reflexsight is now more visible
- CTD with glow sight should be fixed

Known bug if you use extended barrel with the suppressor. Before crafting new receiver, remove the suppressor, craft new receiver, exit the workbench and then reinstall the suppressor.

Thanks to LightNightt for the demonstration:

Any bugs or suggestions, let me know.