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About this mod

An unofficial addon for Crimes Against Nature's pony plugin that adds additional manes and tails to use!

Permissions and credits
"It's like free DLC!"This is the unofficial Manes and Tails addon for Crimes Against Nature's Pony Plugin! Within you can find the following manes and tails, each with original colors AND customizable colors!

Adult Applebloom
Adult Scootaloo
Adult Sweetie Belle
Babs Seed
***Berry Punch***NEW
***Big Macintosh***NEW
***Bubble Berry***NEW
Button Mash
Button's Mom
***Cheese Sandwich***NEW
Diamond Tiara
Double Diamond
Dr. Caballeron
Flurry Heart
Furima Miro
Milky Way
Poison Joke
Rainbow Blitz
Saffron Masala
Silver Spoon
Sombraverse RD
Spotlight Splash
Starlight Glimmer
Sweet Velvet
Sweetie Belle
Velvet Remedy

Also includes:
Screwball Eyes
Misery Eyes
Screwball alternate texture for CaN's Blackjack mane

Obviously, this addon requires Crimes Against Nature, CaN Pony Plugin, and Race Customizer.

NOTE: I'm open for suggestions on manes to add. If you have a request, leave a comment linking to it, and I'll ask for permission to include it!

Crimes Against Nature, helping me figure out how to make this mod - LazyRadly and FancyPants
Adult Applebloom, Adult Scootaloo, Adult Sweetie Belle, Dr. Caballeron, Starlight Glimmer, Scootaloo, Applebloom, Sweetie Belle, Silver Spoon, Diamond Tiara, Babs Seed, Sombraverse RD, Flurry Heart, Snowdrop - AeridicCore http://aeridiccore.deviantart.com/
Double Diamond - PercyTechnic http://percytechnic.deviantart.com/
Cracker, Cager, Sawed-Off - KelchanFerret http://kelchanferret.deviantart.com/
Saffron Masala - KindKeep3r http://kindkeep3r.deviantart.com/
Zippoorwhill - FillerArtist http://fillerartist.deviantart.com/
Rainbow Blitz - Benno950 http://benno950.deviantart.com/
Rumble - Pika-Robo http://pika-robo.deviantart.com/
Button Mash - AaronN117 http://aaronn117.deviantart.com/
Velvet Remedy, Caramel, Berry Punch - Poninnahka http://poninnahka.deviantart.com/
Button's Mom - BeardedDoomGuy http://beardeddoomguy.deviantart.com/
Milky Way - WhiteSkyPony http://whiteskypony.deviantart.com/
Priest - Stefano96 http://stefano96.deviantart.com/
Spotlight Splash - KelchanFerret http://kelchanferret.deviantart.com/ and BeardedDoomGuy http://beardeddoomguy.deviantart.com/
Poison Joke - OC1024 http://oc1024.deviantart.com/
Sweet Velvet - JDash42 http://jdash42.deviantart.com/
Furima Miro - etiennejaquier http://etiennejaquier.deviantart.com/
Moondancer, Big Macintosh - Longsword97 http://longsword97.deviantart.com/
Bubble Berry - yoksaharat http://yoksaharat.deviantart.com/
Cheese Sandwich - natorni http://natorni.deviantart.com/