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Reworks the super mutant faction including Behemoths, FEV Hounds, and of course, Super Mutants.

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Who doesn't like destroying super mutants right? With this mod, my main goal is to add more diversity to the loveable muties. Having just regular mutants and suicide mutants isn't enough. So I've added Nightkin, Glowing Behemoths, Glowing Mutant Hounds and more. They will put a larger strain on your tactics, and force you to tackle the mutant threat in new ways.

This mod makes mutants a LOT stronger. Approach with caution, take time to evaluate your enemy. They are by no means indestructible, but they are more difficult to face. Especially the Nightkin. DO NOT underestimate them! Also, you HAVE to wait around 30 days in game for the full effects. Mutants as well as every single other npc in the game do not automatically change their entire appearance instantly. You need to wait, preferably indoors, for every mutant to respawn.

Included are the:

These meta-humans faze in and out of invisibility, and their tactics can easily confuse and overwhelm an unprepared adventurer. They'll use broken, fizzled out stealth boys, but have an uncanny ability to make them function in their favor. They also brandish the Brush Axe, a large half-scythe, half-axe. It's best to take Nightkin out first, as they can easily out-maneuver the player. Stealth, surprise, confusion, these are the very essence of the Nightkin.

The Legendary template for super mutants has gotten an overhaul, and legendary mutants now glow with unbridled radiation. They have a new feature, a Radiation Shield, that pushes out immense waves of radioactivity, but only for short distances. While easy to spot from a long way off, these guys are the biggest and baddest of their kind, and taking them head on at close ranges is sure to be a death sentence. Expect rad build-up, and a challenging fight, as their aura heals their injuries gradually.

Strong has gotten quite a few upgrades. He now has triple the carry weight, is 10% taller than the normal mutant, and has more endurance. Strong will no longer dislike every day activities such as crafting, entering power armor or lockpicking. (He will still complain however) He does still dislike bribing people, curing Virgil, or letting synths go free. His companion-specific perk, "Berserker" now effects ALL weapons instead of melee only, and kicks in at 30% health instead of 20%. No longer will this mutie be the least used, and after extensive editing, he just may be your new favorite.

The mutant hounds have gotten some much needed attention. In the vanilla game there was only 3 versions, which means even at level 100 you would be fighting at max, level 28 hounds. So I've added proper leveling to them, and now they scale with the player. You can expect them to get much tougher at higher levels. The vanilla mutants always drop 1 mutant hound meat, but with this mod, you have a chance of getting up to 4 per hound. And ever wonder why glowing mutant hounds don't actually glow? Me too, so i fixed all of that. Glowing mutant hounds are now a force to be reckoned, they put out a lot of rads, as well as deal a lot more damage. There are also very rare "Irradiated Mutant Hellions", their legendary variants. Their bites deal a lot of damage, they close distance fast, and have unrivaled perception. Their greatest weakness? Shotguns. 

There were files for a glowing behemoth in the archives, and since i was on that note, i figured why not, and added the deadliest behemoth of all, the Irradiated Behemoth. These monsters will release waves of ambient radiation, as well as pummel the PC with melee attacks. With the behemoths ability to close distance at a fast rate, this radiation can prove more deadly than ever. They don't spawn at low levels though, so it may be a while before you spot one. These abominations hold true to their namesake, and are among some of the most difficult enemies in the game. A kneecapper mod and some Radaway will go a long way when it comes to bringing these giants down.

I've gone through and added a ton of HD textures to help shape up the mutants, Virgil, strong, the behemoths, mutant hounds, Swan, super mutant armors, nearly everything involved with the mutants has gotten a touch up. No more blotchy undefined textures.

Lastly, I've added a bunch of small things to help round the mod out, the FEV sample for example is a hypodermic syringe filled with the ancient chemical strain. Players can try out the virus, but it wasn't intended to be a pleasant experience. There are also new schematics for a Stealth Boy Mark II Prototype, an age old tradition in fallout, this improved Stealth Boy will last 3X as long, but is heavier and requires more materials to craft. All Mutant armors are now lootable, and craftable. 

To dowload, simply use the Nexus Mod Manager, or you can download manually, and drag and drop the contents of the .zip into your Data folder.

A big thanks to Yogensya who gave me permission to use his Brush Axe.
Another big thanks to Horus[/urll] for helping me with the nightkin armor.

Thanks to some of the work originally done by AbbaLovesyou

Thanks to some of the work provided by m150

All of the Following have LIMITED Inclusion in leveled lists. Some like the Creeper helmet are very very uncommon

Clothes are Added to the Correct Vanilla records, with the ArmorAddon's worked in if there is a vanilla version. So enjoy playing Dress Up!