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Adds extremely difficult unmarked quests to the Decrepit Factory and Sentinel Site in the Glowing Sea. May bring back nostalgic memories. WARNING: Use of this mod can cause heart palpitations, rage, and death.

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Do you think quests in Fallout aren't quite hard enough? Should every second of your life be a brutal fight for survival, against overwhelming odds? And do you miss the glory days of Goldeneye on the N64?

Then I've got just the thing for you.

This mod adds two unmarked quests:
One in the Decrepit Factory in the Glowing Sea - you'll need to snag a key from Virgil's lab if you dare to enter.
Another in a small entrance next to the BOS Sentinel Site.

I highly recommend using Super Mutant Redux for the Facility quest. Yeah, you'll die a lot more. But it's totally worth it. Using an ENB or low-light mod is definitely preferred, and I suggest using D.E.C.A.Y. to make ghouls look a lot nicer.

If you really like pain and suffering, try out Advanced Institute Weapons - Alien Blaster Projectile and Mega Explosions. There's a chance these will make the Bunker completely unbeatable. But you're up for the challenge, right?

A couple quick notes:
You'll want to do a manual save before entering the Bunker. Once you're in, there's no easy way back out. Make sure you're prepared.

The main area of the Facility hangs a bit when it first loads. There's a LOT going on. If anyone crashes because of this, let me know and I'll see if I can streamline it a bit more. There is a ridiculous amount of enemies, and I have them loading on the fly as you progress so your framerate doesn't slow to a crawl.

Also, to spare Survival mode players from endless frustration, I threw a sleeping bag in the beginning of each area. You'll need it.

Quick-saving and loading is highly discouraged in the Facility. It's pretty much required in the Bunker, though. With this many enemies loading on the fly, the game remembers to re-enable them, but it forgets to load their AI packages. So every enemy will just stand around and won't actually fight you. I'm trying to figure out a fix, but it could be a while. Or it might just be something the game engine does on its own. I'm not really sure yet.