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This is a separate standalone version of the mod Blood, Rust, & Bones' (Not yet released) workshop add-on, designed around a raider theme. Includes items influenced by various raider groups including the Automatron’s Rust Devil’s. When BR&B is released, this mod will be included by default.

Permissions and credits

   Do you ever tire of building friendly, wholesome settlements to shelter the poor innocents of the Commonwealth wasteland? Do you find yourself wishing you could build new raider strongholds that inspire fear rather than comfort? Or do you perhaps simply want to add some kick-ass items to your settlement regardless of whether its filled with soft, cowardly settlers or not? If any of the above fit you, or you're simply looking to expand your settlement workshop menu with new & unique items, this is the mod for you! All new raider themed goodies to help create the settlement of your dreams!

   Originally, I set out to purely create a workshop add-on mod based around the Automatron DLC (Hence the .esp name!), but as I progressed I realized I had a strong desire to do much more content revolving around raiders and “their kind”. After some time, I decided I was going to put together a larger overall project, that not only added items to the workshop, but also added new quest, locations, weapons, and so forth. Thus the concept for Blood, Rust, & Bone (BRnB) was born. Rather than scrap this mod entirely, however, I converted it into a seperate, standalone version of BRnB's workshop add-on that ultimately will be included with that mod by default. 

   This also allowed me to create objects that ultimately will be used in the creation of BRnB, but can be used for the workshop add-on portion in the mean time. I felt that this route gave me a sense of progress, and also allowed me to share some of the mods content with other people in advance. In addition, if I were to eventually be unable to complete the full mod project, the community would still be gifted with the workshop portion regardless!

   Hopefully, you will enjoy the workshop items and changes included in this mod, and I encourage you to keep an eye out for Blood, Rust, & Bone when it is finally released! I will be sure to update this page with a link whenever that mod does go live. In the mean time, happy building!


As of version 0.16 (Current release), the mod includes:

  • Separate workshop menu on the main menu, making it easy to find everything (And easier to create compatibility updates).
  • Various raider corpses, heads, and robot salvage with snap points allowing placement easily onto the raider poles. Note that due to how it works, default placement is on the wall for most objects.
  • A wall mount (Many more to come.) for mounting robot chassis to the wall.
  • A new hanging eyebot brazier, 2 new wall braziers, and several braziers straight from the Automatron DLC.
  • New Mr. Gutsy themed chandelier (Working lights.)
  • Robotic Salvage storage bin.
  • New barbwire fencing. (New pieces added in V0.16)
  • Several Rust Devil themed totems, both with and without the red glow effect. Also includes snap points for the barbwire fencing, allowing them to be used as post.
  • A cinderblock attachment for boosting the totems up higher, for use with the barbwire fencing purposes. More base objects coming soon.
  • An X-Ray box with a few X-rays from the DLC. (This is leftover from earlier versions of the mod, not really raider themed but not going to remove it.)
  • RobCo service and repair sign, for all your robotic assembly area needs.
  • 2 hanging "Robot salvage" containers.
  • Typing robobrains with separate lower torso (With snap point). Future mounting surfaces in the works, plan to try to give them a more raider appearance.
  • Few straight from the DLC robobrain salvage pieces.
  • The start of a scrap metal defensive wall set.
  • Assaultron head wall light.
  • A support beam attachment for raider poles
  • A ghoul hanging from a noose that attaches to the above support beam. (2 versions, different movement sway.)
  • Ceiling hooks for hanging robot scrap.

Currently, the next update, V0.17, has the following ready for it:

  • I'll update this later, time for bed.

There are plenty of things I have planned, started, or otherwise considered. Below are items that are started, but not yet added. Note that there are a LOT of other planned items that WILL eventually be added:
  • Further expanding the scrap metal wall set that I have started for V 0.16. More variety of wall pieces, including "Damaged" variants.
  • Pieces for transition between the metal scrap fence and the vanilla junk walls, with snap points.
  • Gateway, attachable walkways, built in guard towers, and potential turret mounts for the scrap metal fence.
  • More noose-mounted items -- robot scraps, dead synths, etc.
  • New junk wall set based around automotives -- Finishing this set (scrap metal) off first.
  • So many other things I will have enough to do for a life time...

Check back here from time to time to see updates to both my progress as well as items in the works!

  • Any mod which changes the MAIN crafting menu will need to be adjusted for this mod. If you are unable to do this yourself, simply ask me to make a compatibility patch. Should be no problem. Currently, there is an update for use with OCD ( http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/4270/? ) & for Functional Displays (http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/5080/? )   (Or both together!)
  • Any mods that directly edit the raider poles may have issues - this mod adds custom snap points, and moves them into a new menu category for easier access.
  • If a mod uses AddOn nodes with a value of 6xx, there may be issues, but that will be easy to pinpoint.
  • Think that's it!

For OCD users: If you use OCD (http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/4270/?), please download the main mod file, then download the Optional File for OCD support. Overwrite when prompted (Overwrites the .ESP of my mod.). Make sure this mod loads AFTER OCD and you are good to go!

The same goes for Functional Displays ( http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/5080/?). If you use BOTH, download the optional replacer that says it supports both, replace, and load after both OCD and Functional. Happy gaming!

I am pretty easy going overall, but I will NOT tolerate someone stealing my work and re-uploading it without permission, nor using my assets without permission, regardless if they incorporate vanilla assets or not. The fact is they still take me a lot of time and effort, and I don't enjoy seeing other people profit from my efforts. Please report any uploads of my content that you come across to me. If you would like to use any of my assets for your own mod, I am often times accommodating, so just get in touch and ask.

  • Bethesda, for Fallout 4 & Automatron, as well as the CK and providing a moddable platform to work from.
  • The team behind xEdit, as F04Edit has been used extensively.
  • The creator(s) of Nifskope, as NONE of this is doable without it. (Thanks Jon!)
  • DarkOne and the Nexus, for providing a place for modders to share their work while having it protected.
  • Many modders on this site for their help in answering questions
  • I'd like to thank Ethreon (View his mods here: http://www.nexusmods.com/games/users/8204458/?tb=mods&pUp=1 ) in particular for always being helpful and helping to sort out issues I have encountered.