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Upgraded Power Armor rank logos for Knight Commanders, Paladin Commanders, Star Paladins, Sentinel and Elder paint jobs.

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Inspired by the works of Bordaw's Consistent Power Armor Overhaul, and Brotherhood of Steel Power Armor Overhaul, alongside some art work I found on Deviant Art. This mod follows through on the original Power Armor Overhaul mod by completing the ranking emblems for the Knight Commander, Paladin Commander and Star Paladin armors used by the Brotherhood of Steel, and also updates the textures of the combat armor used by Brotherhood Soldiers; giving them a gunmetal grey coloration to their combat armor, as well as new alternate logos for the Sentinel and Elder logos. 

Armor lines

Initiate: T45D 

Knight: T51B

Knight Sgt: T51B

Knight Cpt: T51C

Knight Cmdr: T51D

Paladin: T60D

Paladin Cmdr: T60E

Star Paladin: T60F

Elder: X-01

Paladin Danse Pre-BB: Paladin T60D 

Paladin Danse Post-BB: T60B


Consistent Power Armor Overhaul (Required)

Brotherhood Power Armor Overhaul (Recommended/Required. Download and install the original one BEFORE downloading and installing this one to make sure any textures I missed from the original mod here are put into the game.)

After downloading the required mods and activating this one, I recommend reverting to a previous save game from BEFORE the Brotherhood arrives in the Commonwealth, or starting a new save game. If neither of these options work for you, all you can do as well is open the console commands on any BoS soldier in the field, execute the recycleactor command, then use the resurrect command after that. Hopefully that will also revert the new gear onto the soldiers. 

Original mods that inspired this one links

Consistant Power Armor Overhaul

Brotherhood Power Armor Overhaul

Brotherhood of Steel logos