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Collect junk, loot the dead, modify your gear, bathe in the glow of Atom without unwanted opinions.

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Name: No Companion Junk Comments
Version: 1.02
Author: Mystyk (star-mystyk)

Note: If you find any of my mods on Beth.net they have been stolen. Please report them. I have not uploaded anything there yet.

No longer will companions gripe about all that crap you collect. The latest version now includes all crafting stuff, even pre-war.
But wait, there's more.
Other users in the comments section requested other things be included, so, after finally figuring it out, it is done.
The risk of conflicts with other companion-related mods has increased, due to a different process this time. Please let me know if there's any strange stuff with another mod and I'll check it out. Usually it's then just a case of altering load order.

This is what the mod now consists of. More comments gone such as:
- Looting corpses
- Looting pre-war objects (alarm clocks, antique globes, pre-war money, etc)
- Looting junk (mops, tin cans, empty bottles, etc)
- Looting epic items (I think that's legendary items)
- Reading skill books
- Discharging your weapons outside of combat
- Using the workbenches (modding weapons and armor and the chem station)
- Taking rad damage
- Developing rad poisoning
- Being over-encumbered

It doesn't affect affinity even though they don't comment anymore. If you use Visible Companion Affinity you can see that each time you loot a body, pick up a skill book or swim in radiation, etc their affinity still changes.

The old original version has been removed and put under Optional Files. This file won't be updated. It's as-is and just there for those who don't like version 1.02

DLC Companions Now Included:
No version change, just an extra file. There might be a few people out there who don't have the DLC's.

The mod covers Gage, Old Longfellow, Ada and any automatrons with a personality.
Each DLC companion has been mostly done identical to the main game's companions with a few extra things included:

Ada - Ada is a robot. IMO robots shouldn't be imposing their morals on you because they don't have any. Ada, and any automatrons with a personality chip, should no longer whine about your chem use or drinking habits, as well as all the other things covered by the vanilla companions.

Gage - A raider who dislikes chems and drinking and goes out of his way to put you down for using them. You'll still get the "disliked that" notifications but now no attitude about it.

Old Longfellow - Personally I've never used him but, looking at his dialogue and he seems alright, not too opinionated and patronising. Nothing extra was changed for him. Just the usual junk, rads, looting.

Undoing any of my changes:
For those who know how to use FO4Edit, if there's anything I've edited that you don't want in there it's simple enough to undo those changes.
Just remove the entries within my mod under a companion branch - extend the Quest branch, pick a companion, extend another branch and the entries there are what I've changed.
If, for example, you don't mind Gage commenting about your alcohol consumption simply open the DLC04COMGage branch, right-click the dialogue topic CA_Event_DrinkAlcohol_Gage and select Remove. Exit the program, save the plugin, and those lines will be restored ingame again.
Image: https://www.cardznthingz.com.au/Editing.jpg

For the latest install instructions:
I don't use mod managers, I prefer manually installing mods, so I can't help with that.

To update to the latest version of this mod simply overwrite the previous esp file.

Under Main File are two files. Only select one as both edit the same vanilla companions, but the second one also includes Ada, Longfellow and Gage. Automatron, Nuka World and Far Harbor are required for the second file.

Out of all three files on the download page only one should be used.

Deacon Outfit Change Change
My mod needs to load before this one.

Super Mutant Redux
My mod needs to load after this one.

If you prefer to save an esp slot there's an even easier way to mute annoying lines by NPC's. FO4 Voice File Reference Tool allows you to search for the offending line and generate an empty audio file. Unfortunately it doesn't support DLC's.

Other similar mods, and companion-related mods, I use that don't conflict with this mod are:
Danse No X-01
You Talk Too Much
No NPC Comments
No Shouting
Companion Status
Visible Companion Affinity
No Negative Affinity
More Smarter Companions
Mods that change the appearance/voices of companions

Tools Used:

Beth.net forums as 'mystyk'
Here as 'Star-Mystyk'

My Other Mods:

My mods are not to be re-uploaded onto other sites without my permission. Likewise for "editing," "fixing," then re-uploading.