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This plugin fixes the Fallout 3 mod limit bug. It allows a maximum of 255 plugins to be loaded. It can also cause an increase in fps, remove game stutter and allow for faster loading times especially when using a large number of mods.

Permissions and credits

You will need FOSE for this plugin to work. Simply overwrite your data folder with the folder in the zip file. It does work with MO2. An ini file will be generated upon running the game for the first time in the plugins folder. In the ini file one can edit the maximum allowed handles or enable logging. Do not edit this if the fix works. It will not increase performance by lowering the maximum allowed file handles and there is absolutely no point in increasing it. The logging is there for when any issues arise. If you would like to experiment, go ahead, just don't leave logging on as it writes to a text file very often.


This fix should have no conflicts whatsoever.

Why the Limit Existed

The plugin limit bug existed because the game opens 3 file handles for each plugin and never seems to close them. The reason as to why it does this is still unknown. The game has a hard coded limit of 512 maximum file handles that can be opened at once. When loading anywhere around 140 plugins, the game requires around 420 handles for these alone. Along with bsa files as well as normal files the game requires, the game would easily attempt to open more than 512 handles. This is the reason assets stopped loading and things would begin to go south.

How this Fix Works

 This fix simply bumps the maximum number of file handles up to 2048. The reason that 2048 is used is because it is the maximum number of file handles that Windows usually allows, and the more the merrier. The fix also redesigns the way the game obtains file handles. Due to the file handles not closing, the game would have iterate over all of the loaded plugin handles in order to open a new one. This fix changes this and allows for file handles to be opened instantly.

Performance Boost

The increase in fps, stutter removal and decreased loading times seems to affect everyone to a different extent. This mod can only have positive performance benefits and will in no way affect any of the game's content. The only way to know if it will benefit you is to download it and try it for yourself.


Thank you to RoyBatty and lStewieAl for helping me along the way.