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Adds a .44 SMG to leveled lists.

Permissions and credits
*This weapon is included in my All in One pack *


Adds a .44 Submachine Gun to leveled lists.
The weapon can be looted from containers, bought from vendors and looted from raiders, Talon Company mercenaries and super mutants.
It should appear in game around level 7-10.
It can be repaired with other .44 SMGs and Combat Shotguns.

Version Differences

Normal Version
Requires All DLC
Adds the weapon to leveled lists and form lists by directly editing vanilla records.
Manual conflict resolution recommended.
UUF3P changes are forwarded.

Script Version
Requires Operation Anchorage and Broken Steel DLC
Adds the weapon to leveled lists and form lists via script. (this is permanent - uninstalling mid playthrough not recommended)
Doesn't touch vanilla records, so should be compatible with anything.

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ItsMeJesusHChrist  - For the Pip-Boy icon, which I used as a base for my icon.